Leave Chris Crocker ALONE! sez Seth Green

You remember the original, from YouTube celebutard Chris Crocker? Which was sparked by the trainwreck, from LA celebutard Britney Spears?

Here’s the penultimate, from the guy who played Little Scotty Evil in all those Austin Powers movies:

And the transcript, courtesy of the uploader

Leave Chris Crocker alone…leave him alone! He is just a human, he has ideas that he knows is important and opinions ppl should hear about other ppl. he-he loves his grandmother, and hes going thru a tough time.. that britney pool didnt build itself, he had to build tht himself, he put all those pictures up after buying and collecting them all. did u do that?! u didnt do that….. you cant talk about someone when ur not willing to do wat they do.. u hve not spent a mile walking in his sneakers, or platforms or pumps,or i dont know what he wears,but i bet its stylish… fuck u, u judgemental people…he is dealing with a lot right now, u dont know make fun of him, if u wanna make fun of him ur gonna have to go thru me…and i am tough to go thru cuz i am (idk what he said here,tangable?[ed note: yes, “Tangible”])..leave him alone. and watch robot chicken sunday nights at 11:30 at cartoon networks adult swim, season 2 dvd available right now. so buy it… and leave him alone… ugh!

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10 thoughts on “Leave Chris Crocker ALONE! sez Seth Green

  1. Now we need a slightly bigger star to make a “Leave Seth Green alone” vid. And someone to make a “leave Slightly Bigger Star alone” vid, etc., etc.

    I see Keanu Reeves in the next one, and then … Who?

    What’s Viggo up to?–he could totally emote like that.


  2. I have posted how I do the social bookmarking buttons several times in the forum and all of the instructions are already on the running through rain blog as well. It’s a two-click process. I’m not really looking for a way to improve on it, but thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure several readers will find it useful.

    Metro: does PerezHilton count?

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