Will it Blend: Chuck Norris edition

“There are only two kinds of bad guys. Live bad guys, and the ones who’ve met Chuck Norris.”

This has got to be the single best blender marketing video the universe has ever witnessed, and if you doubt it, click for yourselves.

We’ve really been struggling to find something that could challenge the Total Blender’s blending capabilities. What could we blend that’s stronger than anything we’ve ever blended?
Then it hit us like a roundhouse kick to the face…Chuck Norris!

Hat-tip to Stiletto, for the inspiration to post it.

13 thoughts on “Will it Blend: Chuck Norris edition

  1. Okay . . . okay, see, here’s where we’re gonna have to have a point of contention. Because I’m pretty sure that Chuck Norris can extinguish even Azathoth with just the right roundhouse kick, especially if it’s done at less than atmospheric pressure.

    He doesn’t do push ups–he pushes the Earth down!

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  3. Raincoaster I am awfully sorry for posting off-topic and you can delete this comment immediately! But I am in a fix as support is closed and I have no feedback button on my blog either (haven’t had it for months). The problem is that the pic on my custom header has disappeared and I don’t know what to do. I cannot upload any picture either. If I am bothering you, just forget about it. No offense meant. :)

  4. No worries. Email support at wordpress dot com and report it with all the details, including the URL of the image. There’s a recurring glitch that has several threads in the support form going. Only staff can fix it.

    Don’t delete anything in the meantime. Once staff fixes it, it should all work just fine.

    The Feedback button morphed into the Support button a few weeks ago, and it’s only there between 9-5, M-F Pacific Daylight Time. But you can email them any time.

  5. We will have to suggest Cthulhu. Of course, we know from the Call of Cthulhu that he can be split wide open by a powerful speeding boat, but he simply re-forms and no harm done. Wonder what this blender would do to him?

    Also: anyone else reminded of the greatest zombie fight scene of all time? I refer, of course, to the Peter Jackson classic Dead Alive and the immortal lawnmower scene.

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