hemorrhoid operation a total pain in the ass

Farting FlameHow is this for a bad day. First, the anonymous (for good reason!) woman had to have an operation to remove her enormous, inflamed hemorrhoids. While she was in there, she had them schedule a lump-ectomy for a mysterious lump in an unspecified, but equally south of the equator place. So, she’s got two butt surgeries in one day, and a couple of months of using a donut pillow ahead of her.

Then her ass caught on fire.

The accident took place after a nurse had cleaned the woman’s skin with an antiseptic solution.

With some of the highly flammable liquid having trickled under the women’s body, the patient caught fire when staff switched on the electrical current and began operating.

Yep, that’s what we around these parts call a ringburner!

18 thoughts on “hemorrhoid operation a total pain in the ass

  1. Quite possibly. I never heard of flame therapy before, although there are many addicts of colonics who could, in fact, be improved and have their energy level raised drastically by the application of a little fire down below.

  2. You’d think the words “flammable fluid” and “electric surgery” would naturally be kept as far as possible from one another. You would think. But you wouldn’t be Swedish if you did, apparently.

  3. Bloody hell. Having been on the table myself forgive me if I don’t chuckle but grimace. I bet that was painful.

    I was wheeled into my 2nd op conscious and naked. As the surgeon put my feet into the stirrups a gaggle of strangers emerged and the surgeon asked if it was ok if his students watched. I didn’t have time to object as he filled a syringe and approached my pink bits *gulp*. He started chatting to me and I clutched the opportunity of distraction and we got onto the work of Christopher Hitchens for some reason (the surgeon had heard of him). I’ve never concentrated so hard on anyone’s work in all my life and whenever I think of my reality of that nightmare – finding yourself naked and surrounded by strangers – it’s difficult not to think of Chris Hitchens.

    Well thank goodness there was no alcohol and no fire below! Ouch :-/

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  5. I am making a booklet about allum and haemorrhoids. I would like to use the oicture of the guy with the fire coming out of his backside. Is it yours and will you give me permission to use it please.



  6. electric surgery” would naturally be kept as far as possible from one another. You would think. But you wouldn’t be Swedish if you did, apparently.

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