Creepy Crawlie o’ the Day

Say hello to the Olm salamander. Although this lovely amphibious creature lives only in caves underground, it reminds me of the fabled and 100% aquatic Tully Monster of Illinois.

Olm Salamander

This delightful creature is the deadliest underground predator in the entire nation of Slovenia. Also known as the human fish for its eerie resemblance to a scrawny, pale person, the Olm salamander can live to 100 and go ten years without eating, two more things it has in common with the Olsen Twins.

Mud puppy


35 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlie o’ the Day

  1. I said Mary-Kate has the POTENTIAL to live to 100. Hell, some of those substances have to be preservatives, right?

    Philipa, that story is the single funniest thing in the entire Internet, isn’t it?

  2. I posted that story on my blog and visitors are being a bit stuffy about it – like I care, the writing makes it, it’s superb! We have taste Raincoaster, what can I say!

    Is that a cabbage patch salamander?

  3. Philipa, your readers don’t identify with the tapeworm story? But aren’t they all harboring a tiny little Margaret Thatcher within themselves, or have I misunderstood your demographic?

    They think Boris lost all that weight by jogging???? Ha!

  4. No. A little known fact is that they are, in fact, rival predators, one serving the Great Cthulhu, and one serving a nameless freshwater amphibian deity, perhaps that mentioned in The Black Key.

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  6. Raincoaster – excellent, thanks, I needed a laugh today due to encountering an anal retentive so pompous and malicious that a tapeworm wouldn’t stand a chance in any of his bile filled orifices. I think a barbed-wire enema would do him the world of good.

    Boris has lost weight? Why? He’s perfect!

    Sad about Heath Ledger.

  7. La pauvre Lady ApilihP – sympathies – alas malpleasantness requireth not brains – only position, power und opportunity

    This un-metamorphasized Young Amphibian wouldn’t be SchMiling if he had to file his UK Tax Return by 31st January, with a £100 penalty upon default, even if no tax is payable

  8. Boris has lost weight from this time last year, to judge by the pictures. Maybe he didn’t want to alienate the anorexic voters? Maybe it’s all the cycling?

    G Eagle, can’t you do what we do in Canada? We turn in a blank one with “More coming later” on it. They’ll usually give you a year or so.

  9. wow, this is for real a weird creatur (living in the dark of caves, right!?), just watching something on animal planet about weird creatures and it’s amazing, never heard of teh human fish/olm before. guess you never stop leqarning, great! =)

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