2 girls 2 cup

2 girls 2 cup
From the long-overdue and probably good for your token Arts and Humanities undergrad credit Understanding Art for Geeks by the brazilliant Paul the Wine Guy (via Valleywag).

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13 thoughts on “2 girls 2 cup

  1. I remember Grigsby lecturing on Oath of the Horatii..it’s such a thrill to see it with “Owned.” This is great stuff rain!

  2. Day of the Tentacle (DOTT) reference detected. Please stop immediately and steal the dentures off of the nearest horse, then proceed to knock the speakers over so as to access the fake barf. (Then you can get him to chop down a kumquat tree, we hear.)

  3. Tee-hee. Day of the Tentacle is a zany adventure game from the early 90’s that I guess you could call a “cult hit.” It’s probably the funniest computer game ever.

    One of the key plot bottlenecks requires you to chop down a kumquat tree. You walk up to George Washington and ask him to do it for you, but he tells you he’ll only chop down cherry trees. So you have to find a can of red paint and paint the kumquats red, in which case George says, “Well I’ll be, let’s go chop the sucker down.” Then he pulls an axe out from behind his back and hacks the tree in half in a single swipe.

    A succint article on the game is here:

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