Ten Things You Don’t Know About Women, by Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s face is up here

O RLY? Yes, RLY.

She’s not as bimbonic as she looks. She certainly is smart enough to have hired a PR who can pick out a good ghostwriter!

From Esquire, via PopOnThePop:

1. PMS is not a lame excuse to be able to yell at you. It’s a great excuse.

2. We really can pump our own gas. It’s just that we’ve got this fantasy of you as a ’30s-era full-service station attendant. You’d look so cute in the hat.

3. We’re not complimented when you call your ex a slut. She dated you, too. So what are we?

4. We’re smart enough to know that smell is always the dog.

5. Yes, we can dish it out.

6. No, we can’t take it.

7. We want to raise children. We just don’t want you to be one of them.

8. Women are meant to talk and men to listen. We don’t want to be fixed; we want to be heard.

9. When we ask if you’ve had any work done, it’s because we want to know what our kids will really look like.

10. When we ask you how we look, it’s okay to lie; when we ask you how she looks, you better lie.

I disagree with #6, but then, I’m considerably better-nourished than Ms JLoHew, and as everyone knows, cocaine interferes with one’s ability to detect #4. #2, though. What was she thinking, letting that out of the bag?

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23 thoughts on “Ten Things You Don’t Know About Women, by Jennifer Love Hewitt

  1. That’s a hilarious caption for the photo. Empenage is also a term used to describe the tail section of the aircraft (so says the wikipedia), which is pretty funny considering she is quite curvy, if not aerodynamic.

  2. I recall when she was little, in some show that was on every week. Can’t recall which at the moment.
    You know what I like most about her current Ghost show? Her ‘husband’.
    That must be one incredible guy to put up with all that spook.
    Think about it.
    Every guy I know would have had her committed. :lol:

  3. Yup, with you there, excepting half of #8;”Women are meant to talk and men to listen”, nope, disagree with that, I want a conversation rather than each taking it in turns to monologue.

    Ok so I live in a fantasy world.

  4. Don’t take any notice Philipa. RC’s just jealous ‘cos she has to pay $2.99 per minute for male conversation, even without aircraft terminology.

  5. The only time I’ll have to pay for male phone conversation, darling, is if the suicide hotline starts charging before your next visit.

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