Banksy caught in the act!

Banksy’s bouquet

One of the great mysteries of the Twenty-First Century has been revealed: the identity of the secretive “Banksy,” perhaps the most (in)famous of all guerrilla graffiti artists. Banksy, whose politically and socially critical works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars to collectors around the world including the Pitt-Jolie family, is notoriously reclusive. The artist has never been publicly identified, and no previous photos of Banksy at work are known to exist. As you will see from the picture behind the page jump, the patron saint of taggers everywhere has good reason to have kept quiet about that highly inconvenient “day job.”

Banksy Thug for Life

Click onward for the shocking photo evidence.

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Banksy Identified


13 thoughts on “Banksy caught in the act!

  1. I knew she carried more in her purse than the reported 4 items: comb, handkerchief, small gold compact, and a tube of lipstick (plus on Sundays an undisclosed amount
    of money for the collection plate at church). She was hiding her spray paint bottles!

  2. I like how the Queen has her proper hat on even when tagging. Was she writing “Romanes eunt domus”? I guess sometimes the grammar is less important..

  3. Brilliant “Life of Brian” hat tip, Railyard Toreador. There’s nothing that can be added that beats that. If only John Cleese were there to help her conjugate her verbs!


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