Anonymous vs Scientology: The Ides of March, a Call to Action

Anonymous has released a new video listing specific charges against the Church of Scientology and calling for action on March 15th. Instructions included, handle with care.

Scientology, beware the Ides of March.

stolen from Gawker

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12 thoughts on “Anonymous vs Scientology: The Ides of March, a Call to Action

  1. While I think Scientology never gets enough kicking around from the general public, and I celebrate every turthful revelation about their insidious, family-and-life-destroying cult-y, thuggish practises, I’m concerned.

    Yes, the police should look into Hubbardism, and yes if it is found to be what so many believe it is, a brainwashing money machine propped up by parlour psychology, blackmail, and cheap special effects, then it should lose its protected status and revert to being classified with Amway and the other Ponzi schemes.

    But I am not happy about calling for governments (politicians rather than police) to squash Scientology directly. When you use the political system to quell people who think differently from you, you venture into perilous territory.

    After all, why not open Congressional hearings into the Mormons–or the Jews, then? As an athiest, I’d be quite happy if all religions received the Scientology treatment. But since we believe Scientology is not religious, but racketeering in nature, then we must treat it as we would organized crime, rather than (purely for example) the Catholic church.

    When people know the truth about Scientology, some will still choose to be Scientologists. For the best possible effect, “Anonymous” should simply continue to call attention to that truth, and to offer sound debate.

  2. Anonymous is truly just a bunch of wankstas. Most of them are duped college kids who somehow managed to get out of their video game world to even think there was such a thing as Scientology.

  3. We do, of course, rely on governments to quash behaviour that is destructive: this is what criminal law is all about. Anonymous is taking aim at the violent and coercive actions of Scientology, not its beliefs, and as long as they keep the focus on that, this is going to be a positive action.

    It’s difficult to generalize accurately about people whom you can’t see, isn’t it? If something has woken a generation up to civil action, then can we conclude that you oppose that?

  4. @anonypoo:
    Dude–you seem kinda hostile. Shouldn’t you be off getting an engrama or something?

    And yes, RC, I think anonypoo does indeed oppose the idea of Scientology being held to account by anyone at all. I think anonypoo dislikes the idea intensely.

  5. I’m too lazy to look up the IP and trace it right now, but if it happens to be similar to the others’ rest assured I will post it. While I support free speech, astroturfing is anything but free.

    SPs of the world unite! And don’t forget NOT TO BRING ID.

  6. Astroturfing? Isn’t that what this whole Project Chanology caper is trying to do?

    My IP’s, to save you the trouble.

  7. No, Project Chanology is an anonymizing movement, not one designed to pretend it represents more people than it actually does. Its very encouragement of people to physically turn up prevents it from plausibly claiming to represent more than it actually does. Astroturfing is when one computer sends out messages purporting to be from many, many different people when in fact the messages are not genuine. The messages of Anonymous, even the silly ones, appear to be genuine.

  8. Oh, we don’t discriminate on THAT basis around here. Neither do they at Scientology, although they say they can cure the urge through vitamin therapy. It hasn’t worked so far on Travolta, though.

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  10. Rain, thought you might be interested in this bit of news.


    On March 29th, a Houston Anon made history. Mavie, a Galveston county delegate to the RNC, braved a Republican National Convention policy meeting and presented a proposal to get the Church of Scientology’s status as a religion revoked. This would potentially mean stripping the tax exemption as well. This will need to work it’s way up the ladder and if it makes it, it will mean that part of the Republican party’s platform will be stripping Scientology of its religious status.”

    The Resolution can be viewed here:

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