the Animatus Collection: life, death, and Acme

Behold, ye, the poignant, yet magnificent, splendor of Korean sculptor Hyungkoo Lee‘s soul-chillingly beautiful Animatus Collection.

From the ethereal elegance of the Geococcyx Animatus

Geococcyx Animatus

To the cunning, resolute malevolence of the Canis Latrans Animatus

Canis Latrans Animatus

This is a collection destined to haunt your nightmares, and to distort and pervert your formerly peaceful daylight hours with waking dreams of senseless violence, of constant pointless striving, of meaningless ambition thwarted, always thwarted, and, most of all, the gaping, inarticulate silence of the void.

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6 thoughts on “the Animatus Collection: life, death, and Acme

  1. Wow. Those are dramatic. I’m simultaneously amused and disturbed. And find myself wondering how resilient the Canis Latrans skeleton would be to the impact of a falling anvil.

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