Heath Ledger’s Nick Drake video: Black-Eyed Dog

Unfortunately, the video is marred by the incessant nattering of a group of twangy Australian talking heads, some of whom grin in the most merciless fashion while discussing Nick Drake‘s suicide and Heath Ledger‘s depression, no doubt thinking all the while of their ratings. If I find a version without them, rest assured I will post it.

For those who don’t know, Nick Drake is a formerly-forgotten British troubadour who, for the past year or so, has been experiencing a Renaissance along Tim Buckley lines. He wrote this in 1974, not long before committing suicide by overdose; the “Black Dog” was Winston Churchill‘s term for the clinical depression that marred his life from time to time. Lyrics over the jump, courtesy of APlaceToBe – Reflections of Nick Drake.

(they take video down, someone re-uploads it; let me know if it goes missing again)

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Nick Drake lyrics – Black Eyed Dog

A black eyed dog he called at my door
The black eyed dog he called for more
A black eyed dog he knew my name
A black eyed dog he knew my name
A black eyed dog
A black eyed dog.

I’m growing old and I wanna go home
I’m growing old and I don’t wanna know
I’m growing old and I wanna go home.

A black eyed dog he called at my door
A black eyed dog he called for more.

12 thoughts on “Heath Ledger’s Nick Drake video: Black-Eyed Dog

  1. Apparently the video has played a couple of art fairs, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes publicly available. I hadn’t heard of Nick Drake before a few months ago, and must admit to a limited amount of patience for selfconscious falsetto, but he certainly could write a heartbreaking song.

  2. I HATE A Current Affair which is the ‘news’ show which aired this clip. the Black Dog Institute does some great work though, so I’m glad they got the publicity.

    Nick Drake, Tim Buckley and Van Morrison were all tipped to be the next big thing back in the days. only Van survived to really make it, though I think Tim was the major talent.

    did “Candy” get a wide release overseas? I wasn’t such a big Heath Ledger fan but he was very convincing in Candy. such a sad and beautiful film, good book too.

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  4. I have looked nonstop for this video since I heard of it’s existance. I need to see my Heath in this role. I am a 39 yr. old married mother of three who has found a connection with Heath I cannot seem to satisfy. Nick Drake touches a part of my soul that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I understand Heath and Nick. Please tell me how to view this video. Everywhere I go the video has been removed. Thanks for anyting you can do.


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