blog post o’ the day: strangeness

What a surprising topic for our inaugural Blog Post O’ The Day! Indeed, strangeness is no stranger to the ol’ raincoaster blog which I will not link up because Technorati no longer adds status per link but rather per linking blog, so perhaps I should retain my blogging rate but do each single post in a new blog, given that the time to register a new blog is perhaps 2.5 minutes but where was I?

Oh yes. On painkillers.

No doubt the readers at Valleywag are all, like, WTF and many other TLAs besides.

Where was I? Oh yes. On painkillers.

For a blogging injury, of all things.


Where was I?

Oh yes, about to announce the blog post of the day, the person who said, straight or wasted, what I wish I’d said at some point and, no doubt, will do, having conveniently forgotten that I’d stolen it already.

Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.


The smug like to credit free will; the tragic blame the fates. There is a notable pattern throughout the history of writers, philosophers, and drunks. Reader: I happen to be all three.

I don’t care to choose between free will or fate. If I must dole this out to you, I choose chance…

 Waiting for Godot

20 thoughts on “blog post o’ the day: strangeness

  1. I like the “I am not stupid, or self-important, enough to share the truth” part! I will endeavor to remember it when being or dealing with a writer, philosopher and drunk. You heard it here! It probably didn’t help your shoulder any by being out in that drizzle, brrrr! Should have had a fire.

  2. Yeah, it was aching when I came home, so I got my doctor to take a look. I didn’t know you could tear a muscle by blogging! Apparently I’ve got to lay off the marathon sessions for a bit.

  3. And as for Technorati, they used to give you a point when you got a link. Now they only give you a point when a NEW blog links to you, ie one that never did before. So basically it’s an incentive to ignore your regular readers and whore yourself out to strangers.

    Naturally, this is something with which I have no problem.

  4. Oh…. They could change back anytime though… so don’t eff your friends, you might need them back one day. :lol: I don’t keep track of that technorati thing. Heck, I don’t remember the last time I made a post. I keep reading other blogs and getting sidetracked!

  5. Thanks! You can count on me!

    Other than the weekend, I’m going to aim for one post per day per blog: raincoaster, TeenyManolo, Ayyyy, and either runningthroughrain or Shebeen Club. Four is not too onerous.

  6. Thanks. It felt much better today, but it’s starting to ache now. Thank god we’ve got one more day of holiday. A great excuse for me to be reading some of YOUR blogs. I have a lot of catching up to do.

    In vaguely-related news, I’m going to try hooking up the server tomorrow. Last time it knocked me offline for two days, but I feel like living dangerously. And with the earnings from teh blogging courses, I should be able to buy a new keyboard. That’s part of the problem: an “ergonomic” keyboard that stretches off vastly to the right, plus short arms. It means that my right arm is almost perfectly straight when I’m using the mouse, and that’s bad for the shoulder, very bad. Switching the mouse to the left side for now.

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