Peep Show

I don’t like Peeps. They remind me of those noxious, spongy banana candies that taste like the dandruff on Satan’s shoulders, only with artificial banana flavouring, corn syrup solids, and yellow dye #42. When I say I don’t like Peeps, I mean I actually and actively despise them. And I have never let one near my mouth.

But that could all change if only I could find these:

Cthulhu Peeps!

Do you know where Peeps come from?

Peepco factory, yo

And do you know how Peeps end up? As with the characters in a Bruce Springsteen song or any other entity whose marketability depends on freshness and whose freshness the very processes of marketing degrade, they first detour into “art films”:

Peeps in film. Or is that fillum?

And this is where they end up:

Peep Show

Or, even more pathetically:

Shoutout to my Peeps

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11 thoughts on “Peep Show

  1. You should. As you can see, they have some kind of mind-control chemical in them in preparation for their eventual takeover of the world. I don’t think we have them in Canada either: Trudeau deported and banned for the good of the country during the October Crisis.

  2. Thanks for the great tip about Beyond Robson. We’ve been in touch and I think it could be a love connection!

    Way to support your homeys! You rock. Drop me a line via email sometime. xo Hez

  3. Oh, FABULOUS! That would be a perfect connection for you. Let me know what the bucks are…I may be looking to supplement a bit once I’ve got the new server up and running.

    FFE, electric razors haven’t had their Peep Show Horror moment yet, have they? Should be safe.

    St. Calum, if you’re too innocent to know what Peeps are, you just stay that way.

  4. Put one of the little bastards in the microwave and laugh.
    They puff up like Pamela Anderson’s breasts.
    (this info courtesy of my 3 sick daughters)

  5. Ah yes, Sumo Peeps. Did you know it works with those annoying people who clip their fingernails on the bus, too? Only trouble is finding a big enough microwave in the first place; I use the particle accelerator out at the university.

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