The power behind the throne

I’ll bet you’ve always wondered. Now, from MyConfinedSpace via Ectoplasmosis and a tipoff from dissfunktional comes photographic proof of what we at the ol’ raincoaster blog have always suspected. Paging David Icke, paging David Icke, we’re sorry about the misunderstanding

The power behind the Pope

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21 thoughts on “The power behind the throne

  1. The pope is in front of it? Or is that an inside-Pope-knowledge-haver joke? I’m only genetically Catholic, so I wouldn’t get that. Also, it’s time for more painkillers, brb.

  2. Me mum was a caflik – I don’t think she would have liked that – and green just doesn’t suit him.

  3. Pardon me, but may I use your comment box? I am reading on the forum that some people are having trouble with Askimet as the comments are being labeled as spam.
    Just checking to see if this goes through.
    If it posts, please delete it.
    Thank you for the use of your box.

  4. Just coming by again, to thank you. And please note that I am not logged in. I kind of took offense to the insinuation that I was commenting for any other reason than to show my gratitude. That’s how things appeared, but since I don’t know you, it could’ve been some other innuedo to which I’m not privy. There are all kinds of annoying people in the world, but don’t let yourself get to the point where you assume that a random act of kindness is any more than just that. By the way, I loved your random link icon, and used it just in a blog entry, for fun.


  5. No worries. Did I insinuate something? I usually only do that if somebody leaves too many links. Generally that’s a spammer’s mark, but sometimes it’s just a beginner’s mistake. If I jumped on you when it was unjustified, you have my apologies, and also my condolences: I can be a meeeeeean bitch!

  6. Well, I will leave one more comment and it’s not to garner links to my blog! I KNOW THAT YOU CAN’T be a mean bitch. Even though I don’t know you. My other half is quite fond of you (Joshua of Smiley’s Place), and he’s not fond of mnay people :P

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