Run DMZ: rumble on the 38th parallel!

Somebody needs to turn the Israelis and Palestinians onto this before it’s too late. A new paradigm for conflict is demonstrated here by the forces of North and South Korea in an underreported, yet epic scuffle in the Demilitarized Zone.

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8 thoughts on “Run DMZ: rumble on the 38th parallel!

  1. When I was in South Korea, I never made it to the DMZ…but it is pretty much, geographically, like the video — some buildings, a line, and the guards.

    But one thing I did notice in my 3 years in that country, and in the news these days, the South Koreans have their own president, and his name (currently) is Lee Myung-bak, not George W. Bush…

  2. Yes, I saw that on the video and suppose that’s what you get when you want American money for the production.

    But tell me, do they really hold dance-offs in the DMZ? That would be SO AWESOME!

  3. No, I’m not saying that they hold dance offs…what I’m saying is that the guards do stand very much like they do in the video, only a few meters apart, with blank buildings and a line…and the North Korean slogans on loudspeakers…THAT I’ve heard, from across an inlet — very weird.

    But the South Korean young people would love for dance offs to happen like in the video. Probably the North Koreans as well…

  4. If in a movie, crackers is mobile infantry rice: in Japan, OCHAZUKE is a: with hot water bowl of rice and an addition of mixes (instant version), what would be mobile infantry hot water? Maybe Bacos! Then we need a mix; how about NORI (seaweed) and Peas (the trail mix type)?

    Our works in export may be a new secondary concern with the war still ever a report item in the news. In the efforts of our life, is money the most important thing?

    The Exodus says no; it would be to win an award (a contract) and be in the Moses Labor Union (as a fictional opinion): they weren’t rich and it is a guess, but they never finished the job and that seems to be a work of compliance.

    At surface habitat communication, is it a necessary variable to show payroll in instances? How about fictional police payroll versus church protectors? If we are to have a police payroll and are loyal without opposition, would we say, “Dear counterpart, you welcome your enemy into your economy before you help my brother find a job.” Or, my ally fellow infidel? Maybe we need a religious area or…… their boss needs to show payroll of the Municipal type on the surface habitat to build Economic Fallout Recourse budgeted available services?

    I feel Car Wars is a focus in governmental priority. Especially a recourse exercise that may help us re-unite in friendship with our Muslim Allies. We need more housing and more stability. Push-Cart-Store Easements in Civil Engineering and Sleep-in-Car Permit Stalls with Pay Showers? Neutral-Zone Trading Pits with New Chances in Spot Trading and the building of commitment trading at 2-year contracts or whatever?

    How about the NEON? A V2 version with a gizmo: Waste Power Re-Propulsion Transmission with Robotic Revolutions and low torque developer. It already seats 5, we’ll stretch it out and get more headroom and a bench seat in front also (optional). To carry 6 heavy set people, we’ll reinforce our car and stick on tall walls (better mileage?). For commute, we already have the Bus (standing room and freeway bus stops) which will establish our fuel concern response. Scooters would want a commitment trading not spot trading? And the car commute would want more traffic? How about town to town travel with new education bill to job placement initiatives? K-12 is an education bill? Then why can’t I afford a home after High School? Not a 3 Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom Suite House, but where is the housing market for the High School Grad? New tourism and Jet isn’t the minimum means of travel but is an option would make Goodwill Clothes Sales? What about repair and splice-it items on Merchant Row? Hallmark Cards are a way to communicate and USPS insurance does help our stability, so if it isn’t eCommerce, it will work on another corporate culture timetable with new face-to-face connects? Stamp Collections earn federal revenue (next year’s budget in underwriting?) and 3M Tape will help us get our Parcel there; so we need volume commitments in Pens that write down To and FROM? Maybe Scooters is too much in ferocious battle scars and Writing Instruments are the next Neutral Trading Pitch?

    Anyway, I hope our Economy gets new Numbers.

    Hirotomo Nii

    Dear Reader,

    POEM: Fictional Prose of Global Policy

    The efforts in a pop-story on the News communication in our: conversational personal imaginative conspiracy sub-theories, may include the movie:
    Who Killed JFK?

    As the Korean Conflict was in the 90s not as global as the Vietnam Conflict, it may be the new genius hypothesis in our:

    no available reconciliation of 30-something-debt
    life couch potatoes who may be a
    wannabe federal analyst in lieu of
    a cemented course of possible viability without
    a sudden disruption in his or her life.

    Our Korean War left us in a new reconstruction like economic hope. And an increase in car wars at the Korean Domiciliary level may have been a most Internationally American effort. Our world of international Catholics: i.e. the Pacific; and Peace Keeper Muslims: i.e. the Africas may or may not entirely add and make inclusions and church-include communities with Euro Nations: i.e. Russia. With a community in international practioners, various opinions and interests may recruit actively as independent Associations within the Socio-Elite sectors of our Gala Affairs. How about religiously funded factions among orthodox foundations in renaissance latitude of arts and culture? These wonderful societies may have developed a resolution book of agreements via corporate consulate efforts and thus realize new success as peace cease-fire executives. As they expand from resolutions in our world, they may experience opposition communications.

    Possibly a grievance that, in their ideology, infidel practices by enforcement fail to make known who they believe is a fugitive as such and then, at the disrespect of another Peace Resolution Infrastructure: lets call it the UN in this movie, the Societies desire to Expand and earn new increases in wealth.

    Additionally, no available pit exists where their Peace Resolution is the equity of institution, and the agenda pop-known, schedules there fail compliance to be available as the premise of our gathering.

    In our Korean reconstruction-like politics, vast operations and their results are with future hope for peace. Military Ops thus are with an effort to realize reasonable solutions to benefit us all (Sortes with losses may now be viewed in new choice selected characterizations to establish a peaceful objective.). In Judgment, maybe a popular soldier or leader was found to receive pardon or a value as an officer that exceeds the Forces-of-Evil’s understanding of who they may call infamous. Such political concerns may benefit new committee roll-call numbers and develop a venue of order and dignity to discuss our anti-terror/terror conversationals. So, as we see in Dallas on the movie, there never was a reason not to attend because the reason to attend dealt with our Country’s opportunity to increase Humanitarian conditions to greater numbers of fellow Americans and fellows alike.

    And never once has it been in censorship, but white Americans in datum have poor status members. We are always the Great Nation of Wealth and Luxury and never once told of the Poor Working Stiffs that populate our country. To be a leader may have been to invite those that may include in their Agenda, a review of possible reasonable consensus or a new resolution.

    Maybe those there were there to, at least on that day, be open to peace investments (in prospectus form). Maybe that day however, someone not readily available to agree to the premise of the invitational, and someone who felt excluded due to a lack of additions unto that day’s Agenda, may have thought it best to make it a command executive decision to run ops to assassinate our President. To suggest we did not ensure the safety of our Commander post-Korea and well into the Bay-of-Pigs and of course, let us remember NAM, may be a reasonable finding that leaves reasonable availability to continue to investigate our collar.

    Maybe in conspiracy-theory fictional basement never-did-a-damn-thing-to-save-your-ass-from-going-into-debt form, our country worked tirelessly on civil liberties and betterments for our fellow Americans and was assassinated because we were believed to harbor a fugitive and not afford our fellow international colleagues a venue to discuss our political differences.

    Maybe in a movie, Who Killed JFK?, we lost a leader because we were put on a list of those that fail to support Peace in the world. From a pop-intelligence, at-a-surface-habitat-conspiracy-theorist level in a fictional prose:

    We are not Anti-Muslim and we are Pro-American in BACK TO THE FUTURE conversational…….. may suggest,

    we are a colleague of Russia and we seek a better life for all Americans.

    Thus, with Russia in peril from past economic loss, are we ignoring their distress unrealized by us, regarding their possible fallen soldiers? And at that buy-in, a member of our international community may seek to pursue an investigation separate from the Cold War and additionally at our Committee Practices?

    Without guns and a Karate Black Belt (to defend our fallen), maybe the best thing I can think of is: An US Economy Federal Para POW Exchange in a movie with Domestic Violence Moses Class Patrol recruitment.

    To go poor may allow us to connect with God if it is possible that it is possible life exists after we die; and its value is to cross the Red Sea in a pop-Exodus.

    If there is a spiritual, and if we help our science allocate properties via meta-science and if our science textbooks are the only factual equities that explain our world, then in a physics lecture, maybe there exists meta-physics rhetoric.

    I never knew to be with God; and if there is a God, may god bless America and may Godspeed to help our fallen in our days here on Earth and may Godspeed to lost-soul-salvation our fallen in the chronicles of our deployments and also those not ledgered deployments, since Homeland Security never does that in a movie.

    If I am with a spiritual in a fictional segue to a Movie 2, I feel that Sanctuaries and Missionaries save lost souls and we should pray when we loose faith in our Government and, even if it is not everyday, we should accept Jesus Christ in our life somehow and: ask not what our Country can do for you, but ask what We can do for our Country.

    I thank you for your time.

    Hirotomo Nii

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