drunkblogging FTW!

Steve Jobs has no religion. Steve Jobs needs no religion. Steve Jobs IS a religion

What, exactly, does it say about me that I make more sense, using more complex syntax and a more sophisticated vocabulary, when I’m drunk than when I’m sober?

The proof:

Once I sober up from the cheap Cab Sauv, I’ll come back with something useful, but for now think of it like this:

I have both the Manual of Afghani Jihad and the Japanese Kamikaze Manual documents, and I have done a presentation around the fact that both of these put technology in a spiritual context. The central thesis of that presentation is that if Western, secular military forces had something that spiritually compelling we would have no recruiting or morale problems.Apple, for good or ill, offers that spiritual dimension, and has done so since the “do you want to sell sugar water or do you want to change the world” days.
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20 thoughts on “drunkblogging FTW!

  1. I’m all out of cab sauv now, alas. But if the ship comes in tomorrow (it’s a week overdue) I’m getting some nice Plymouth Gin.

    I found out today that somebody’s been helping themselves to the (rather limited) funds in my bank account. Rent cheque bounced, by THIRTEEN CENTS! Someone. Must. Die.

  2. I tried writing a blog post once while under the influence – I saved it just to make sure the links were added correctly etc – I couldn’t even read the bookmark the next day – I’ll pass in future.

  3. I heard of a fellow who was researching the effects of cocaine and he’d eventually heard so many stories about how smart it makes you that he decided to try it himself. Under the influence he suddenly understood everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about the relationships between men and women, and he made sure to write down his great theory before he went to bed. The next day he looked and it said, in its entirety:
    Higgamus Hoggamus, woman’s monogamous
    Hoggamus Higgamus, man is polygamous.

  4. I actually tried scratchbuilding part of a model cockpit once after 12 Guinnesses – I actually managed to complete a couple of difficult internal frame sections I didn’t think I could do.

    I don’t recommend it for everyone though.

  5. I know a kid who spent most of his time cutting class, hadn’t shown up to French in months, and was completely pie-eyed on weed when the teacher found him and informed him that it was the midterm exam and he had no choice but to write it. He was mortified later when he found out he’d gotten an A.

    Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.

  6. Dammit all to heck.
    I did it all wrong. I did life all wrong! Fortunately I’m 40 now, when as we all know, life starts all over. Now I have a second chance.

    Drinking and drug abuse begins NOW!

  7. Woah!

    Easy on the Woodbridge Cab Sauv/Merlot blend. I don’t want your blog getting too good!

    I love your blog, it is great!

    PS I think they have a good 2009 coming out later this year. The palette will be bland, dull and immature.

  8. Woodbridge? DUDE! I’m talking Barefoot! I’m talking Sonora Ranch. I’m talking Sawmill Creek! I’m talking $9.99 at the Canuckistan liquor store, tops. Woodbridge is up there with the Behringer Stone Cellars (which Cab Sauv is dreadful this year: wtf happened there?). I stick with the rotgut, cuz dat’s how I roll.

  9. Oh, man, don’t say Barefoot.

    Isn’t that the one that is more of a rose or fruit juice one. Like a super wine cooler. I don’t remember.

    I use to be a beer and wine buyer for a grocery store in Bellingham, Washington, called “Barganica”. We tried to do the 2 buck chuck thing. You would have loved my section. We had near ZERO mark up on alcoholic beverages.

    How about Red Diamond???

    There real question is, have you tried Boonaroo?
    It is a Australian one. (I think they only have a Shiraz though)

    Thanks for the comments.

  10. You’re in Bellingham? I’m in Vancouver. On a clear day we can wave at each other.

    Red Diamond I didn’t hear about. Boonaroo I have, but I stay away from the Aussies because in Canada they’re overpriced. I did try “The Procrastinator” once because I thought it sounded meant for me, but it was unpleasant and $25!

    The Barefoot used to be rotgut but now is not a bad red wine. For ten Canuck bucks, that is. Our cheap stuff has gotten a lot better, although I think our expensive stuff still sucks, relative to the other wines you can get at the price.

    At some point I’m going to write a comparison of the French Rabbit (the red wine) and the Japanese Rabbit (the vibrator). But right now I can’t afford either.

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