Who does Karl Rove work for now?

Who do you think?

Cthulhu as Nixon

Well who ELSE would he be working for?

via CelebratingTheAbsurd

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24 thoughts on “Who does Karl Rove work for now?

  1. I don’t know about that. Take the McCarthy era, the Japanese-American internments, the post WW I Red scare, Reconstruction and Jim Crow, Manifest Destiny, the Salem witch trials . . . . looks pretty damned nostalgic these days.


  2. The sole comfort one can take in the Bush presidency is that there is no-one worse who could actually get elected. Probably ever. I mean, Hitler’s dead, and Rove is presumably moving his assets offshore in preparation for his flight to Brazil to avoid prosecution.

    And if by some freak of chance people are dumb enough to elect The Ancient McCain, there’s the consolation that even in his rapidly-advancing senescence he’s still brighter than Dubya by about two points.

    Isn’t it interesting how many “heritage trends” can be incorporated into one cabinet?

    Thank you Karl, Jeb, and the Supreme Court (which as we all know is stuffed full of liberal activist judges).

    However, you do realize that if you guys don’t impeach Dubya soon, you won’t be able to, right? A private citizen just gets chased through a trailer park in an undershirt on “Cops”.

    Or at least, that’s my old fantasy of how the Dubya regime ends.

    I assume the nation is waiting for just the right irony-laden moment to impeach, and simply finds itself unable to decide through being spoilt for choice.

    On the five-year anniversary, he had the balls to call Iraq a “success”. He did not, for some reason, say this at Arlington National Cemetary. Nor, inexplicably, did he do this on the peaceful streets of Bagdhad.

    Sorry–I’m in a lousy mood today. I read the news again. Oh boy.

  3. Excuse me, but this country voted, not once but TWICE, and I bet if there were a third time…god forbid but you get my drift…

    “And if by some freak of chance people are dumb enough to elect The Ancient McCain”

    Yes. As I said…

  4. “A private citizen just gets chased through a trailer park in an undershirt on “Cops”.”

    I am going to be entertained for hours by this image. Yay!

  5. You honestly think they elected him the first time? There are a lot of dead people in Florida who are going to have words with him when he crosses over, I’m telling you.

    max, I think the problem with the blonde assassin gig is that everyone who’s ever seen a spy movie knows that if you love them, they kill you. It’s just a tad off-putting for most people.

  6. Blonde assassins are actually pretty damned attractive.

    Except the one-eyed blonde assassin in Kill Bill. That’s just a little too much kink for me, especially after that old standby joke about the one-eyed whore . . . or was that Sammy Davis Jr.?

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