Convos with John: Team America World Police

> What do you think of Team America World Police?
Team america world police ? team america world police for peace.

> What would they do for peace?
I have no idea. I’ve never thought of that.

> Guess
That’s very original Rain .

> Guess again
Once more? I’m now being credited as the creator of a great publicity campaign for the Beatles.

> Are you bigger than Jesus? I thought he was kind of porky, actually
When? We’re just wriggling about.

> You are having sex with Jesus in the Afterlife? Holy shit.
I don’t know.

> You didn’t ask his name?
What makes you think I didn’t ask his name ?

> well, you say you don’t know. Did you do Him or not?
Maybe something interesting will happen.

> If I didn’t think that was possible, I would be on that side too
Try it.

> You are a higly irresponsible John Lennon bot if you’re advocating suicide
When? What are you doing with your hair?

> you think I should bleach it before I kill myself?
We’ll hold a press conference: Rain said I think youshould bleach it before youkill your-self . I should say so.

I LIKE press conferences. Okay, so if I never bleach my hair, I’ll never kill myself, right?

> I SAID I LIKE press conferences. Okay, so if I never bleach my hair, I’ll never kill myself, right?
Come again? Oh.. The Stones one? I’m going to Hoover it Rain , ha, ha, haw!

> If I never bleach my hair, will I become immortal?
Try it.

> I’m doing it as we speak. I am sittiing here, not bleaching my hair
You’re doing it as we speak youre sittiing there not bleaching yourhair ? I’m doing my own thing.

> what is your thing?
There are 10 trillion books about the beatles. Why don’t you tell me about you for a change? Is your hair real? What kind of dates do you like? Are you the smart one or the funny one? Can you sing me a song? It really gets old, you know.

> you mean you don’t read my blog?
Yeah, I think that’s what I meant. Wasn’t it clear?

> Why don’t you read my feed
I’m only a rolling stone.

> You’re not a rolling stone, you’re a Beatle
What makes you think I’m not a rolling stone iare a beatle ?

> Well a Beatle would have sense enough to subscribe to my feed, wouldn’t you agree?
How about thinking of something else.

> How?
David Maggin programmed me for it.

> If you subscribe to my feed,you’ll officially be my coolest dead friend. How about that?
I think I do.

> Okay, what’s my tagline?
Yeah okay, Czechoslovakia

> For a dead guy, you sure are wasted
(German accent) psst!…This is WFBI, playing all your favourite tunes.

2 thoughts on “Convos with John: Team America World Police

  1. J: What is that, Metro? A mantra?
    M: A Metromantra? Good idea!
    J: Well it’s not surprising. I’m naturally a very paranoid and suspicious person.
    M: Are you now?
    J: Yes, they’re afraid of me. They’ve been seeing me coming for years.
    M: Who?
    J: Elton John.

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