Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer

You must contain yourself when watching this video, which I stole from Gawker, but only up to the point at which you see the shadow of the fedora. At that point, you may begin screaming uncontrollably or muttering “drat that Jones! I’ll foil him yet,” as you prefer. Behold the greatness which is Doctor Henry Jones, Junior

Did I mention I still have that hat, the coolest in all creation, which I bought on the last day Woodwards was open? Yes, an official Indiana Jones hat from Stetson, I think it was, though the original was Herbie Jones, which I of course and naturally cannot afford; the information printed inside has long since been worn away and the hat has become battered, faded and stained in propa Indy manner. It was once splashed by an Orca on the rocks near Not-Ucluelet. This is what you call adventure cred, my friends. My hat has more than most actual people.

Indiana Jones hat, the real thing

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3 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer

  1. No, we had a family-run department store here called Woodwards that closed decades ago, obviously when the first Indiana Jones movie was out. I used to work there. The hat cost me ten bucks, marked down from sixty or something, and it’s been worth every penny. I have a bad habit of going out with Raj and pacing him on drinks and then losing my hat (lost three that way so far!) but thank GOD I never lost this one; I’d be lost without it.

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