Buzz Lightyear and Buzz Aldrin, together again for the first time

Yep, looks like every able-bodied military person in the US must be overseas, because NASA has apparently turned to imaginary American Buzz Lightyear for their next mission.

Real American and real hero Buzz Aldrin is his mentor.

O, how the mighty have fallen.

There’s a clue to the motivation for this travesty in the YouTube info:

Veteran astronaut Buzz Aldrin mentors Buzz Lightyear, co-star of the Disney-Pixar Toy Story films. Buzz (the toy) is headed to the International Space Station aboard Space Shuttle Discovery to commemorate the opening of “Toy Story Mania!” at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California.

I wonder how many zeros Buzz Aldrin got for his dignity.

8 thoughts on “Buzz Lightyear and Buzz Aldrin, together again for the first time

  1. I haven’t seen Gladiator so with your permission I won’t bust my Ralf Moeller cherry just yet. It would be psychosexual abuse, from what I gather.

    Bunk: I am with you. Did you read The Right Stuff? One of the great American books, it perfectly outlined who had it, what it was, and what it was worth, both commercially and intrinsically. I know Buzz Aldrin is an old man, but he’s an old, prosperous man. How many more millions does he really need, at his age.

    To see NASA debase itself I could almost live with, since ever Disney-pander means another 1/4 Mars shot, but to see one of the great heroes of history (seriously) genuflect to a plastic doll is appalling.

    Fuck, and I swore I wasn’t going to get too serious with this.

  2. WHAT! WHAT! YOU have never seen my favorite, Stiletto’s favorite movie in the whole world? GLAD I A TOR!?! Nooooooooooo!

    Out of curiosity, do you have a DVD player?

  3. Rain–

    Thanks a wad for letting me off that Iraq thread. It was getting old.

    Best book I read besides “The Right Stuff” was “The Lost Moon,” by Jim Lovell… it was a white knuckle read. “Apollo 13” with Tom Hanks kept to the story line.

    Next best: “The Perfect Storm.” The movie sucked donkeys because the producers wouldn’t let Linda Greenlaw play herself, among other reasons.

    My favorite book (besides “Hop On Pop”) was “The CodeBreakers” by David Kahn. If you’re not familiar with it, get the abridged version, then decide if you want to crawl through the amazing details of the complete edition.

  4. Ah, that’s one of those threads that’ll never die, just peter out. Let it go if you want.

    MY favorite book is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. But I have heard of The Codebreakers and read the true story.

  5. I do HAVE a DVD player, but the “trials and tribulations of the DVD player” is one of the blog posts in the queue, behind “Archie’s Squid Goatse.” Why don’t I try to write that right now…hmmm.

    All my gay friends are insane for Gladiator, but if I watch the G-man, you’ve got to watch LOTR. You will thank me later. Ah, Boromir!

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