Ten-Tentacle Treats!

Ah, who doesn’t love finger foods? With my birthday just a wee tad over one slim month away, I’ve been looking around for suitable refreshments for my Friki Tiki birthday party (goth/tiki, you’re all invited! Bring booze!) And here we have just the thing: first up, Lochmann’s caramel-filled cuttlefish from Dr Boli‘s smorgasbord of demented delights:

Lochmann\'s Caramel Cuttlefish

If that doesn’t satisfy your craving for cephalopods and/or creepy-crawlies (is hyphenated, yes? no? but yes?), try a few of these, from the kitschy kitchen of Tacky Raccoons:

Squid Sickles, all the rage in Rlyeh

Scorpion Sickles are a bit sharp

Bone A Pet Tit!

7 thoughts on “Ten-Tentacle Treats!

  1. I think it was that middle scorpion-on-a-stick (did I just give away where I’m from originally?) that landed my son in hospital in Phuket. (btw-did you get my early birthday present email?)

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