Britney Spears’s favorite sex tape: I Love You Cheetos!

Nine minutes of the most hardcore, cheez-food-product-dusted, size queeniest, sock wearingest action ever to grace the intertubes. This may not be safe for work, and it certainly isn’t safe for lunch. Make sure your digestive tract is clean before clicking Play.

From Jeff Ostergren, via Fleshbot

Those zombies on his site? Don’t look like my zombies. And the brains likewise; no wonder his zombies are so underfed and peaked looking!

32 thoughts on “Britney Spears’s favorite sex tape: I Love You Cheetos!

  1. You know, hits are up today. Funny, that!

    But the real reason I posted this with that title was to divert the porn surfers off the two year old false rumour post. I’m just tired of it being my #1 post month in and month out.

  2. No. Are they like “Depends?” I could easily create a comparable little art project in my chonies for your entertainment, if that’s your fetish.

    I’d still rather watch paramecia divide and conquer.

  3. Haha! Sometimes I read too fast. I thought you wrote “nachos on their trunks,” and, “marshmallow.” Nevermind. I need new pentafocals, I guess.

  4. If you love Cheetos, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, they probably died horribly, so try not to think about it too much.

  5. Well, in the beginning they were all wrapped up in plastic and he DID take them out of their giant Cheeto condom, so you could say he got them closer to freedom.

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