Quiz: what kind of 30’s wife would you be?

The Women

cross-posted from TeenyManolo and I really wonder how the relative demographics will stack up. According to the data I can find, this blog skews strongly male, considerably more intelligent and educated than average, and with a substantially lower income than average. Ah, my people. At least, all my ex-boyfriends.

While I’ve long suspected I would not flourish in the era, it must be admitted that I love watching Thirties movies, and am slightly addicted to the bizarre hats of the period.

But it’s not a problem. I can stop wearing those hats any time. Seriously. And I’m sure the staff at Home Depot and the grocery store wishes I would.

But now comes scientific(ish) proof, once and for all, that I’d be an absolutely rotten Thirties housewife. I find solace in the fact that so would Katherine Hepburn and Myrna Loy. Oh, who wants to be that insipid martyr Mrs. Stephen Haines, when you could be the fabulously kooky Irene Bullock or the witty and wonderful Nora Charles? They’d both be fabulous failures in this quiz, too.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

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So what did you get?


0-24 – Very Poor (Failure)
25-41 – Poor
42-58 – Average
59-75 – Superior
76+ – Very Superior

If it makes you feel any better, you can answer for your husband on the 1930’s Husband Quiz as well. Don’t tell him the results; it would only upset the poor darling.

50 thoughts on “Quiz: what kind of 30’s wife would you be?

  1. I got a 31. Poor. I actually thought I would have been a good 30’s wife, I guess I was wrong.

  2. Awesome. Will you marry me and keep me in booze and nail polish? And before Metro points it out, they can sub in for one another if you do it right.

  3. I actually thought I’d do well, but I scored a 22. Maybe it was because of the part about cooking canned food in my pjs that did it…

  4. Doomed

    We’re all Doomed


    I didn’t realize FFE is in danger of becoming an Episcopalian

  5. Marital congress–that involves 100 people, right?

    @FFE: Nail polish comes in different colours so that Raincoaster can drink B-52s.

    And yes, in a pinch she’ll drink the fuel out of a B-52 as well. The biggest hit to her wallet has been the price of gasoline. Nowadays she might as well buy cooking wine.

    99 as a husband. I’m going to be very smug about that if my wife ever comes home again.

    25 as a wife. Obviously I’m very well adapted.

  6. Clearly I must do away with FFE if I want to find myself a man. Sorry, FFE, it is just one of those survival of the fittest things, nothing personal.

  7. style=”text-align: center;”>40As a 1930s wife, I amPoorTake the test!

    Whhhaaaat? I thought I did everything right but it wasn’t enough!

    As for you, dear, Rain, I’m not surprised! We would have made perfect neighbors back in the day!

  8. Oh God I got 83 – a superior 1930’s wife. Trouble is the only chap I know who wants to turn the clock back is already married and isn’t exactly a fan of mine. My ex is a very modern male -> he f***ed off.

    I was discussing Canada t’other day and thought it would be great to visit and if you could visit us, Raincoaster. When I win the lottery your ticket to Blighty is the first thing I’ll buy :-)

  9. And if I win the lottery the first thing I will buy is…my freedom from debt. The second thing is a damn fine lawyer. The third thing is a trip, and England is definitely on the top of the list there.

  10. Oh, PERISH the thought. If they’d only indicate they’d pick up the tab for lunch, I might stalk them for a day or so, though. Only if they asked nicely.

    Besides, if I wanted to stalk Blair wouldn’t I go to Geneva and ambush him outside his bank?

  11. This is true. Apparently when he moved into the mayor’s office they found a wine cooler (I will need to explain to the trailer-parkier readers that this is a refrigerator sort of thing, not a product from Bartles and Jaymes) with about 100 bottles. I last heard they were down to 36. I hope they save a few for me!

  12. Pingback: no man is going to marry that girl « celluloid blonde

  13. I heard that Labour sleazoids had tried to smear Boris by filling old wine bottles up with Vimto-esque cordial, blowing a bit of dust on them and then alerting the authorities to the new Mayor plundering possesions of persons unmet and unknown.

    All total bollocks, obviously. (a lesser known brand of cordial made by a socialist atheist commune on the Isle of Wight)

  14. Oh! A wine cooler. The Old Man got me one for Christmas. But mine only holds eight. You think he’d get me one big enough to hold a case and some coke.

  15. You missed my post on the Man of Mystery? Honestly, I’m ashamed of myself that it took me a whole day to think of just Googling the name. Thank you, I have enjoyed it.

    Many, many times.

    Now I want Gladiator sandals for my birthday! Fortunately, they’ll all go on sale in a week or so, so I might actually get some!

  16. Those damn Gladiator sandals. By the time they’re available they’ll be as ancient as Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh what the hell, I’d still wear ’em.

    Wait – did you say on sale? So they are available????

    Gladiator remains my favorite movie. I wish Russell Crowe were available for purchase. He can throw a telephone at me anytime!

  17. Hot dayum! Perhaps it was a smart move attempting to befriend his wife on myspace.

    Do your sources know if she knows? Or does she even care? Just how sordid does this get?

  18. All I know is, he was out with the wife at a London club, started working the room, he and his pal disappeared into the back through the kitchen with two barely-legal blondes, returned half an hour later without the blondes. You connect the dots.

    Wife did not bat an eye, but maybe she didn’t know he was gone.

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