quiz: how many cannibals could your body feed?

I’m so lazy I’m seriously considering this instead of a proper dinner party. WAY less work!

How many cannibals could your body feed?
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There is also this, in case they weren’t cannibals but zombies. Remember, no matter how cute they are, DO NOT FEED THE ZOMBIES!

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?
Created by OnePlusYou

Stolen from iubika who asked a question in the forum.


27 thoughts on “quiz: how many cannibals could your body feed?

  1. Hmm. I could feed 11 cannibals and could last 35 days. I must be getting points for vitamins ’cause there are only two pounds [being optimistic] of non-perishable food here.

  2. First problem:
    If I’m exactly six feet tall, am I “Average Height” or “Tall”?


    And 112 days, if I had to. But if I had to, then I can’t imagine why I’d want to.

  3. No, it would definitely be a one-or-the-other situation. And probably cause and effect, as, if there were a roving pack of cannibals in the neighborhood it would act as an incentive to barricade yourself in the house.

  4. I could feed 9 cannibals.

    I could also survive 90 days. With 3 people in my household, though, it’s somewhat ambiguous about whether we’d share the food, or whether I’d be expected to eat them. (And one of the people is quite small.)

  5. I could survive 67 days. That’s with two people, but I think I scored a few extra days by having two cats as an additional food source.

    If I include cat food as non-perishable food I could survive 89 days.

    And there is no way I’m admitting publicly to how many cannibals I could feed.

  6. I’m actually kind of shocked at the startling lack of dirty jokes in this comment thread. I profess myself most disappointed, both with my readers and with myself. I thought I was worse than that.

    I shall have to step up my game.

  7. Ah, my Irish ancestors. Who says they’ve made no contribution to civilization, eh? Half the navies in the world would never have gotten started without that classic concoction.

  8. Lying? You know not whereof you speak.

    And of course that begs the question “How many times did that ever stop her” …

    And answer came there: “None”.

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