the swag report: the email totality

Oh yes, I have my Zune. I got my Zune on Monday. It’s now Friday. I still haven’t gotten my Zune to work.


System Requirements Windows XP

My system? Windows 98.

I do own a laptop. It does run. It does, in fact, run Windows XP. But it cannot get online.

You see, the Ethernet/dialup/anykindoflandline connector is busticated beyond repair and, while the gracious, benevolent and decorative Kendra took me out and bought me a wireless doohickey for it, alas I have only a cable connection and there is no free wireless in my apartment building. I am exactly one block too far East and South.

And, you see, the Zune will not operate until I download some software onto my computer. And no, they didn’t send it on a disk. Maybe I should ask Lori to burn it onto one and mail it to me.

The Zune didn’t even come charged!

Steve Jobs, methinks, would have gotten that right, no? To take something out of a box, to press the button, and to have it just turn on (maybe with a song preinstalled? is that too much to ask?) would be teh ossum.

Instead, we have teh roadblock.

So, tomorrow I shall be carting the laptop (along with the five-pound cord with solid lead transformer thingy, because the battery, also, does not work) down to the Waves cafe and trying to get this thing to work. Presumably, I’ll have to charge it first.

BTW including only online conversations about the Zune, I have a total of 65 so far: chats and emails back and forth between me and my friends and me and Matchstick and me and Chat Threads and me and other people from Chat Threads. But it seemed rather pointless to go fill out all the forms before I’d actually gotten the Zune.

By the way, it took so long to get here I had almost given up. Lori had hers long before mine arrived, and when it did FedEx had an odd knack of arriving when I was either in the bathroom our out on the patio, where I could not hear the phone. So although it arrived last Thursday, it wasn’t till Monday I got my grubby little tentacles on it. Why do they insist on delivering things between 8am and noon, when all decent people are abed? I fear they know little of the ways of bloggers.

Additionally, it’s been a rather crazy week, what with work, starting as Lower Mainland rep for the BC Federation of Writers, trying to get the paragraph-form mailing list into a more easily-utilized form, trying to host the Shebeen Club in a city without electricity, learning the new job, preparing to install my own independent WP blog, attending WordCamp Fraser Valley out in deepest, darkest Langley, and getting over this full-body infection from this bizarre bug bite, I haven’t really had the time to make a special field trip to get this Zune working, however much I want to get that Amy Winehouse album on it.

Ah, also, most of my music is on the desktop computer, the one that can get online but cannot connect either to the laptop or to the Zune.

And all my musical friends have moved away. Lori suggests I toss it on a Greyhound and send it up to her so she can load it up for me. I’m seriously considering it. We shall see how tomorrow goes.

And this concludes your boring, verbose haircut blog post for today.

9 thoughts on “the swag report: the email totality

  1. I have to say that the main problem here doesn’t seem to be the Zune.

    I mean, your OS: ancient
    Your XP machine: connectivity busticated
    And also: roaming ability limited to length of cord you can carry in your shopping cart.

    Solve either of the latter two and you’re good to go.

    Matchstick phoned me for five days. I replied to them twice because they don’t seem to understand that not all the world runs out of Toronto. They seem to have given up.

    No worries. My four-year-old Samsung Yepp is doing very well.

  2. There IS no main problem here; they are distributed over a wide range, as is usual in the raincoaster household, except that Microsoft does not ensure that their own products are compatible with one another. I mean, Windows Media Player on Windows 98 is far less complicated than Windows Media Player on Windows XP, so why shouldn’t this be easy?

    But no, nothing could possibly be easy.

  3. Also, if you’re going to ship a product, why not also ship the SOFTWARE THAT MAKES THE PRODUCT WORK?

    If you buy a car, do you have to drive somewhere else to get the steering wheel for it?

  4. It’s the new way to hook you. We’ll give you the product, but you have to go online, give us everything including your phone number and your blood type, agree to get at least one newsletter via email, and then your product will work. Maybe.

  5. Correction, my dear…I only got my Zune a couple of days ago. That post you linked to was anticipatory.

    And it does come loaded with some songs, some video, some podcasts…Have you tried turning it on once you’ve plugged it in? (Make sure the lock is not on — can you see pink on the slide on the top edge?)

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