Oktapodi: a cephalopod love story

Oktapodi is a tender tale of tentacles and tenaciousness, of terror and tenderness, tragedy and triumph. Come along on this crazy rollercoaster of a love story and enjoy the sweet sensation of being a sucker for love.

stolen from TheWYSIWYGBlog

14 thoughts on “Oktapodi: a cephalopod love story

    Do you believe everything the Beeb says? Woof. Last week the cephalos were solving Rubik’s Cubes blindfolded with five arms tied behind their backs.

  2. That is unbelievably funny and sweet. Yes – I noted the keyring. The whole thing seems vaguely familiar, it is not by chance inspired by a car chase thing from early James Bond or something like that..?

  3. I figured it out.. Living daylights from ’87 have an opening sequence of 007 racing down rock of Gibraltar, landrover on his heels. More violent that this one, but just as funny. And maybe not at all related.. still.

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