DeadSee by Sigalit Landau

DeadSee by Sigalit Landau

DeadSee by Sigalit Landau

That’s an image from the video installation DeadSee, which was on display earlier this year (and may be still, for all I know) at MOMA in NYC. And here’s a video of the latter portion of the work, probably best viewed with the sound off, because of all the tourist-generated rhubarb in the background:

And the artist’s statement:

In the wall-sized projection DeadSee (2005), a cord connects five hundred watermelons, creating a six-meter, spiral-shaped raft on the salt-saturated waters of the Dead Sea. Secured within this sculptural configuration, the artist floats with an arm outstretched toward a collection of “wounded” fruits, their intensely red flesh revealed. The nautilus form gradually unfurls, leaving the surface of the water a nearly monochromatic azure and the artist’s body exposed.

14 thoughts on “DeadSee by Sigalit Landau

  1. Wow! That was fantastic. Thanks for posting-I hadn’t seen or heard about it. (And swimming in the Dead Sea is an interesting experience. One doesn’t “swim”.)

    One coming up for you in a few minutes at my place. :)

  2. What’s scary about that clip is that there are people right now, emailing each other the video link and discussing her “artistic genius.”

    What’s scarier is that this coming November those same folks are going to be standing next to you in the precinct booths unaware that they are voting for slime molds.

  3. The sun here is like the sun in Florida. Having arrived here myself from Minnesota, I try to avoid it whenever possible. Oddly, though, the air at the Dead Sea is 10% denser than anywhere else on earth and that is supposed to help against burning. Regardless, no or low SPF sunscreen is a sure way to end the day looking like a peeling tomato.

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