Sex Sells

The question is, are you buying?

I forsee different target markets for these two fine celebrity products:

Clay Aiken singing angel music box

Clay Aiken singing angel music box

Oh Come All Ye Faithful indeed. As someone said, this is an historic occasion: the only time Clay Aiken has ever been on top of a box.

The artist’s statement:

I thought about what the average Claymate might appreciate and after careful study, concluded that most are likely to be collectors of the sort of trinkets seen advertised in the back of Ladies Home Journal. There’s a good chance many of them own unicorn figurines, music boxes, frightening dolls, Disney trinkets, or something atrocious by Thomas Kinkade.

Seems logical enough.

Now, the market for the following is rather different. Looks like ScarJo here doesn’t have the net savvy of, say, a David Hasselhoff; she’s let a mangy old cybersquatter offer her up like Miley Cyrus on a platter to the reader who can send the filthiest email. Then again: it might be the real thing. We all know how she loves her email buddies!

Scarjo is ready when you are!

Scarjo is ready when you are!

17 thoughts on “Sex Sells

  1. If I were Aiken I’d sue.

    Of course, he might actually look like that–country music and its associated activities are known to cause damage at the genetic level.

    I take it “Johanssen” is pronounced with the Latin/Nordic “J” sound?

    In any case, I’d go for it if I could be sure the third participant wasn’t going to be Woody Allen.

  2. I volunteer! But no offense to Mr. Metro, I would like to find my own third party. I’ve no doubt the feeling is mutual. Besides, one can hope that Brad might be into equines?

  3. You know that little “dinner date” will be on the media burner. I hope whoever wins isn’t camera shy.

    Now, how are you pronouncing that “Scarjo?” Is it Scar-Yo? Isn’t it easier to just say Scarlett? I mean, if I had her in the horizontal mambo, I’m gonna say, “Scarlett, I want to bring you to the ninth wave…” But, If I say, “Scar-Yo, I want to bring you to the ninth wave…” wouldn’t that sound strange?

  4. ScarJo is pronounced Scar-Joe, for Johannson. But I think the kind of men she dates just use the word “baby” at all times, to prevent embarrassing nomenclature/forgetfulness accidents.

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