Beverly Hills Cthulhu!

Beverly Hills Cthulhu

Beverly Hills Cthulhu

Actually, contrary to what it says over on io9, Cthulhu does not need a perky blonde sidekick. He already has me!

Jenna MacNipperson (Cameron Diaz) is a spoiled daddy’s girl on vacation in Cancun. When her island-hopping party boat runs aground on the ancient city of R’lyeh, she accidentally awakens the slumbering Cthulhu (voiced by Terry Hatcher), The Thing which cannot be described. One look at MacNipperson’s Manolo Blahniks and Cthulhu knows they will be BFF – literally, for all eternity. From Cyclopean masonry and non-Euclidean architecture to Rodeo Drive and Hollywood afterparties, the world is their oyster as these two outrageous debutantes embark on the Final Shopping Spree.

Not to be bitchy about it, but Cameron Diaz is waaaaaay too old to play a debutante! Whereas me? I’m ageless, of course, just like Cthulhu himself!

Passed along by Hez via WipeYourFeet.

In related news, silverstar has passed this lovely image along from NurseMyra’s, but I can’t post it on the blog for fear of getting Adulted again. Nobody wants to see that happen!

7 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Cthulhu!

  1. Gotta love the red bling bag. And I thought you were more of a strawberry blonde. And that last picture made me snort my coffee up my nose. ;) And I’m using “and” too much again.

  2. Caving in to Hollywood pressure, Cthulhu’s no longer sporting a beer belly, and went from green to an orange tan!

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