Fail? Or Succeed?

Something tells me the voice of experience guides the hand of the bookstore clerk here:

fail owned pwned pictures

16 thoughts on “Fail? Or Succeed?

  1. Sexuality is a human nature. It is bound to occur with maturity. But Books as the best guide for the forebidden sex and the relationships between both, is quite different things. It is better to have knowledge of sex in right direction to understand it. Books deal different topics and let you choose your interest whether it is History, Culture, or Sex. Book guides you in right way and tells you
    the way of true relationships. If you can`t follow the spirit of the contents , it is not the mistake of the Book.
    Therfore, sexuality may be a subject of the relationships
    not the end in itself,but a true friend in need. thus, one may succeed in right approach too. Thanks.

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  3. Blimey! If I had to lern and remember all dblsharma said about relationships I’d never have got laid.

    Actually that does have it’s up-side.

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