The Brossiere: Sad Joke or Humanitarian Effort?

funny pictures of cats with captions

Well, it’s like this.

See, people in Japan will buy anything. Including, apparently, bro-ssieres.

Bro-ssiere, yo!

On the other hand, I can think of at least ONE man who could use this.

They're real and they're spectacular!


32 thoughts on “The Brossiere: Sad Joke or Humanitarian Effort?

  1. Do they need “support”, or just a support group? I dunno…Never thought this would actually evolve beyond a Seinfeld episode.

    Ah, the Japanese. Post-apocalyptic in their own special way. These days, that puts them ahead of the curve…

  2. I’m with Azahar. Until I read the comments I didn’t recognize him. And he was my fave! To you youngin’s: take a picture now and we’ll compare it in 40 years. Of course you’ll have invisible body shapers and home lipo and have found the fountain of youth! Necro, that was a great episode with the mansierre and the ‘Bros’.

  3. Davy Jones was indeed teh hawtness back in the day. If he’d keep his shirt buttoned he’d have retained a lot of that. I mean, the guy waxes but he doesn’t diet???

  4. Stonehead/rain–

    Davy Jones had all the girdles he could want back then. “Smear Up Greasy Jean, Oh what can it mean…” All the little chicks with the crimson lips ignored Nesmith, Tork, and Mouse. Those three were the ones with talent.

    To his credit, Jones was the best tambourine player of all time.

  5. I went with a guy that looked like Tork. I had a monkey shirt that ran like hell. You made me go back and look about the waxing! ewwwww to infinity!

  6. I had a dress that was the same colour with the double breasted white buttons. I was a few years too late, though; just in time for the first batch of reruns in the 70’s.

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