Beaver Movie Goes On the Down Low to Come Out On Top

boy beaver pants

Beaver shots are, indeed, one of our evergreen subjects around these parts, although if yours is green I’d recommend that Monistat stuff or maybe some nutritious, low-cal cranberry and yogurt smoothies.


And so it is that, once again, we are posting about beaver. Well, everybody loves beaver, right? Why, it’s the national animal of Canada! But specifically today, we are posting about The Beaver.

The. Beaver.

The forbidden beaver!

For as our trusty allies at Defamer report, The Beaver is possibly the hottest, best, most popular thing in Hollywood right now, but even so, The Beaver can’t get a contract.

Sigh. How many times have we heard it, my friends? How many more times must we hear this sad tale of neglected beavitude?

From The Black List, a list of greatest unproduced screenplays:

1. THE BEAVER, Kyle Killen
Walter Black, a depressed toy manufacturer, loses his family and his business. But then Walter tries on a hand puppet — a chatty British rodent called ”The Beaver” — and his personality is transformed. It’s all good at first, but things turn ugly when the puppet won’t let go.

That, too, is a tale oft told. But ask any girl: Walter totally has it coming. You can’t pick up a discarded beaver, talk to it nice, fist it, and then expect to just walk away.

13 thoughts on “Beaver Movie Goes On the Down Low to Come Out On Top

  1. It’ll have to wait till I’m on my super-powered laptop again. This computer I’m on has so much anti-spyware and virus protection that it might as well be full of spyware and viruses, it’s running so slow!

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