The Lol, Explained

The origin of the LOLCAT meme

18 thoughts on “The Lol, Explained

  1. Oh dear, two comics in a row! I’ll be happy to get back home to boredom and nothing better to do than update thirteen or fourteen times a day!

  2. A similar graph could be used to show intelligence levels in the human male and his proximity to a human female. I can say that because I am not in close proximity to a human female.

  3. Metro is especially susceptible to this phenomenon [love that word…fits right into the Mena-Mena song: “Phenomenon, do-do do-do-do! Phenomenon, do-do-do-do!”]: for a man who swears up and down he’s not an animal person, he buys a hell of a lot of cat toys and succumbs to the “You’re a cat!” when he’s up close and petting. :-)

  4. BTW, yes, I bleieve that I do become clinically insane when around my cat. What else can explain the phrase, “You’re my little Monkey”???

  5. You Tube is taking down anything that remotely smells like a copyright violation. So unless you shot it yourself, used original music, or paid for a license to use the music, it’s coming down. The folly of this will readily become apparent, even to those copyright holders who are pushing this, when there is suddenly nothing on You Tube. I took my one video down, and I won’t put it up again. Also going after privacy violators, so make sure you have a model release with your dogs and cats.

  6. Also going after Anonymous and anyone critical of a powerful organization. YouTube takes things down and suspends people, deletes accounts, just on the COMPLAINT. It doesn’t have to have merit. That’s what’s malicious about this.

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