The Real Secret: the greatest motivational video of all time

Yes, boys and girls, it’s our old favorite Brian Atene back with another masterwork. This simple, thirty-second video, entitled “Do You Wish It?may be, nay, IS, the most powerful motivational talk in all of recorded YouTube.

Pour yourself a tumbler of something bracing, keep the Kleenex handy, and set phasers to awesome!

21 thoughts on “The Real Secret: the greatest motivational video of all time

  1. Now, now, don’t you be harshing on my boy Bri. You remember what happened last time? I can arrange to post nothing but Brian Atene videos to Facebook and Twitter until you behave.

  2. Hmmm – I wished – and yes, it did come to pass – – –

    But enough about my bowel movements – Brian looks as though he needs one or two at the moment ;)

    (Is the rest of his work back on line?)

  3. Yes, it’s up but not enabled for embedding. I’m a HUGE fan of this one though, and bitched and he allowed it. You can see tons of great Atene stuff (Truman Capote, Shakespeare, Star Trek) on YouTube under Brian Atene 101. For how long, no-one knows. Get it while you can.

  4. Please be sure to repost this every week or so. Oh, and I still lol when I think of your “DO NOT USE ALL CAPS” response from a couple of days ago.

  5. As long as Brian Atene keeps posting videos and enabling embedding, you may be sure to find them here at

    The DO NOT USE ALL CAPS…was that the suicide one? I use it so often!

  6. You got me hooked on this freak some time ago. He looks particularly freaky, here, but is as compelling as ever. I shall now change the way I live my life, thanks to him! Hurrah!

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