Hockey Night in…Marseilles?

Here’s another whackadoodle video by my favorite Frenchman since Rousseau, Remi Gaillard. While he is, obviously, French and does not enjoy the cultural bounty of a natural-born Canuckistani, it’s quite clear that he understands what fans the world over love best about hockey, and he understands it in a deep, visceral way.

I soooooo want to do this! Who’s in?

4 thoughts on “Hockey Night in…Marseilles?

  1. I love the laugh those two guys in the final scene get out of it all.

    And the slogan: It’s by doing whatever that you become whoever, a bit of wisdom that goes a long way to explaining the phenomenon of Jade Goody.

  2. Those last two were the best!

    Jade Goody; don’t get me started. A physically repulsive, racist vulgarian whose taste in men ran to the recreationally violent, and whose idea of social climbing was marrying one who’d actually been convicted.

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