The Ultimate Unicorn Chaser

I don’t know what kind of week you’ve had, but mine needs another unicorn chaser. I found one: the ULTIMATE UNICORN CHASER. And its sheer awesomeness is such that it has to be hidden over the jump:

The ultimate Unicorn Chaser

The ultimate Unicorn Chaser

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Unicorn Chaser

  1. So,the armpit hair/stubble is a giveaway, but when I first saw that, my instinct was panic. Not at the grotesque interspecies erotica, which is (obviously) fine, but at the fact that I couldn’t work out which body part it was. For a moment I thought it was a deformed forearm (like Popeye’s, with the hand on the left of the image).
    That is all.

  2. The Unic is poking the wrong side, on porpoise, not in. (The inmates are gonna lub him big time if he ever gets thrown in the hoosegow.) FAIL.

  3. Bunk’s right, he needs to turn that dolphin over to get in. I also was at first perplexed about which body part it was. I still am. It could be a bicep, or it could be a thigh, with a little of the bikini area showing. Interesting.

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