Quiz: What does your butt say about you?

The results here are quite surprising. I thought for sure my butt said nothing more than, “You need to lose forty pounds, honey.”

Your Butt Says You’re Laid Back

You are an easygoing, trusting person. You don’t get too worked up, because everything usually works out in life.

You are not afraid to flirt and show off what you’ve got. At times, you can be a bit full of yourself.

You are drawn toward close, one-on-one relationships. You crave a partner – romantic or otherwise.

You are friendly and self-assured. You’re not one to brag, but you’re quite happy with yourself overall.

You tend to be a serious, straight laced kind of person. It takes you a while to warm up and let loose.

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21 thoughts on “Quiz: What does your butt say about you?

  1. *snicker*

    Uh, yeah…I was pretty sure my butt was going to tell me something completely different too (like I need to get off of it and stop sitting in front of the computer 18 hours/day, etc.) but, like you, apparently my butt says I am also laid back. Hm.

  2. just for fun I said I had a hairy butt for my gender (last question)…..

    “You are easygoing and ready for adventure. You have no problem making fun of yourself.”

    Go the hairy butt!

  3. Your Grace

    Salve [Merhaba]

    ScHocking – such a Specie-ist Qvizz

    Why not qvizz on something with a Wider Species Appeal, to increase your already spacious Readership :

    ?? What do your Talons say about you


    ?? What kind of RaCCoon do you make

    Vale [Allahismarladik]

    Aquila Non Candida

  4. Bunk, around here that’s not a problem; it’s a prerequisite!

    G Eagle, of COURSE eagles have butts. It’s where their tails come out of, obviously. You should still be able to complete the quiz. We are no speciesests here!

  5. Having now delved into it a bit deeper, I don’t think it would be correct to classify feathers as hair. However, it would not be entirely incorrect either, so the last question would still apply to G Eagle. In fact, it turns out that feathers are like hair++. While they both form in a folicle, and are just normal fascia cells that have a high keratin content (the protein that makes them hard), it is beta-keratin for avians while we mamals have less-complex alpha-keratins in our nails and hair.

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