Bombay in Vangroover

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Yes, another Partying With Raincoaster post. I tell ya, there’s nothing I love so much as an email flattering me about my mad Twitter skillz and inviting me to a free party featuring one of my favorite boozes. Except maybe an email flattering me about my mad Twitter skillz and inviting me to a free party featuring one of my favorite boozes where there will be a charming and decorative bartender with whom one can carry on a civilized conversation about Ken Livingstone‘s enlightened public space policy and which ends with the distribution of gift bags containing bottles of said favorite booze, Bombay Sapphire.

Gus and Raul are enthusiastic fans. But they can stop any time, its not a problem

The impeccable (hell, nobody could even attempt to pec it) quality of said Bombay Sapphire and the gift bag mentioned above must be blamed for any groveling note of suckupiness which may creep into the following post. Because that’s so not me. Bitches.

Where was I?

Bombay Sapphires Merlin the mixologist

Right. I was standing on the 58th floor of Shangri-La, the poshest new skyscraper in Vangroover, surrounded by friends and attractive strangers, watching Merlin Griffiths demonstrate masterful mixology in preparing the Sapphire Collins, Cosmo(I know, sooooo five years ago but still damn tasty), and Sapphire 75 as well as the classic Martini (yes, capitalized. Duh. This is a cocktail you take seriously and dress for, not some freaking Jaegerbomb; we’re fucking grownups, we are).

There was also food there, very nice food by Murray Bancroft, most of which I missed by being (as always) late, but I did get two crackers with crab vinaigrette on them although I missed the Parma Ham Crostini and the Gorgonzola Dolce with fresh BC Honeycomb entirely and vowed to be less than an hour late for the next event…as if it were humanly possible for me to be on time.

But then I’d have to be human, wouldn’t I? That’s the very definition of Not Worth It.

Who was partying with raincoaster? All the usual suspects: Colleen Coplick from Wantsa, Raul Pacheco from Hummingbird604, special guest photographer Emme Rogers, her friend Richard Gustin all the way from exotic Saskatchewan, Tanya DaviesRaj Taneja from UrbanMixer, and raincoaster blog favorites Gus and Russ whom you’ll recognize from the last party post.

And many I’m forgetting, but what do you expect? The cocktails were free!

Also, Note To Potential Social Media Drama Queens: first to complain about their place in the order gets deleted, unfollowed, unfriended, uncetera.


Russ raises a toast

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15 thoughts on “Bombay in Vangroover

  1. Now that’s my kinda party! Sapphire gin martini up with a twist please!

    Since no one is bringing one round, guess I’ll have a glass of vino.

    Next week when I go to the Mutineer Magazine party, I will toast you!

  2. It was a terrific party, and it was good to see you too, although we didn’t have much time to talk.

    art predator, welcome. If I had any of that gin left, I’d toast you right back. Strangely, it all seems to be gone.

  3. Oh I do like the title, ‘special guest photographer’!!! Now about my order in line-up …. ;-)

    Richard and I enjoyed hanging out with you too. Especially as you were accompanied by lots of yummy gin.


    Emme xoxo

  4. Couldn’t help myself. Was still on a high from taunting pregnant ladies with gin, needed to continue my taunting with someone else. Sadly your Drama Queen comment was just too tempting.


    Emme xoxo

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  8. That is the real thing. You can click on any of the photos to go to the entire collection, and there are a lot more views than I posted here.

    Seriously, Bombay Sapphire and/or the Shangri-La can invite me to their events ANY old time!

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