Operation Global Media Domination: the 5 Questions Situation

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Well, it’s been far too long since we’ve taken a stroll down Self-Referential Road on the ol’ raincoaster blog, but that situation is about to be rectified. For lo, in addition to having broken into Vangroover’s Social Media Elite for Sale Or Rent (aka Will Tweet for Access) and been asked to some pretty damn-fine swankaliciously exciting events, including some I can’t tell you about yet (for lo, it would endanger my access to the open bar, and since I’m on a liquid fast that could be catastrophic and I know you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? right) and the recently blogged Capones and Bombay Sapphire events.

And as I’ve gotten on the radar for invitations, so I’ve also scrambled and clawed my way onto the radar for interviews, which come with much greater exposure, if far less gin. I’m gonna hafta do something about that: social mediaistas, are you with me? I say we get together and talk about going on strike over a few drinks and then forget all about the movement, as usual.

Anyhoohow/whatever, Kontent Creative just up and emailed me and interviewed me that way. This will sound familiar to some people. Unlike on previous occasions, I actually got back to them relatively promptly and, thus, they put it up promptly as well. Kontent Creative has a snazzy angle: each interview is just five questions, obviously designed to appeal to limited attention spans of the Twitterati. So there goes your barrier to entry.

Click and learn five things about raincoaster which oft were thought, but ne’er so well expressed. If I do say so myself.

a snippet of Kontact Creative’s 5 Questions with the Tentacled One:

2) What is your favourite online resource?
It’s a tie between Fark and The Guardian. The day is not complete until I’ve checked both of them, and on certain days it’s quite difficult to tell them apart, really. Except Fark would never let Polly Toynbee near a keyboard.

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44 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: the 5 Questions Situation

  1. I asked a simple question about Hawt Post. I received a totally uncalled for reply. It was out of line and totally rude. I can ask any question I like, who the hell are you to question me. I am new to word press and I, like others are a bit stumped re certain procedures.

    You rude obnoxious lout

    Now you have a nice day


  2. Take a full refund.

    Here, for the benefit of the curious, is what went down:

    Welcome, raincoaster! | Log Out

    WordPress.com Forums » Off Topic

    Hawt Post (8 posts)


    Apr 13, 2009, 10:32 PM

    How does an individual, get to be on the front page with a Hawt Post?

    Apr 14, 2009, 6:49 PM

    i wouldn’t know, but i guess you’d post something really argument inspiring, and then get people to read you blog via forums. that’s how i’d do it, anyways…

    Apr 15, 2009, 9:09 PM

    Lacy low cut bra’s always helps.
    Unless you’re a man baby!

    May 20, 2009, 10:06 PM

    what the hell is a hawt post and who cares?

    May 26, 2009, 10:04 AM

    If you don’t care, why are you posting in the Hawt Post thread?

    You get to be Hawt Post by meeting the criteria of some algorithm created by staff. It’s some sort of combination of fastest-growing hits and a number of other factors. It roughly measures how “on fire” your blog is at the present moment. Would be neat if we had a measure for ALL blogs, not just the #1.

    There’s also http://botd.wordpress.com

    May 27, 2009, 9:31 AM

    raincoaster? because I can

    May 27, 2009, 9:33 AM

    Nasty remark………that was out of line and uncalled for.

    May 27, 2009, 10:09 AM

    what is a raincoaster? i would thing a little simple courtesy would be in order here. what is wrong with you and your attitude?>

  3. I’m seeing one loser coming into a thread and starting with the high-handed “what the hell is this and why should anyone care” stuff, while other people were just asking informational questions.

    When you bring attitude, honey, you get attitude. And THAT? Was not attitude.

    I even answered the original question informatively. If you’d like to be treated with respect, try being less of an obnoxious ass as you walk through the door, sweetheart.

    Seems you care very much now, or you wouldn’t be putting up post after post of hastily-composed invective over a simple question.

  4. Perhaps YOU just don’t get it. Perhaps you should attempt to smile sometimes.Lighten up. A little humor goes a long way. I was not the person that mentioned ‘Lacy low cut bra’s always helps.Unless you’re a man baby!’

    My comment was an attempt at humor. So I won;t give up my day job,as well as an attempt to get a serious answer.I don’t need nor want your respect. I have no respect for you either, I doubt many do…so now we;’re even.

    One more thing………..I am not your honey, that is your loss, nor am I your sweetheart, and my ass has never been called obnoxious, it is quite nice thank you. I think you are the loser here. Now go take a hike. I’m done with you


  5. I wasn’t that person either. He was funny. You were obnoxious. And this is my blog, not yours. I’m not going anywhere.

    Are you confused, my dear?

  6. Perception is reality. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS CONFUSED. Is it time to take your meds….sweetie pie?

    You read it as obnoxious. That’s because you are obnoxious.

    Darling, I am not your dear either .You are condescending lunatic.

    Yes, it is your blog. It is not very good though is it? Perhaps that is the reason for your childish ways. Respond as you wish, I am not interested in this any longer, so bitch all you want.

    and…………..have yourself a wonderful day.

    Hawty hawty haw


  7. I thought you were done with me. I’m sure your statement that you’re “not interested in this any longer” is equally true.

    Are you paid by the word? Or is it just the insecurity that keeps you coming back, over and over, over and over? And over and over.

    Because flamewars are GREAT for hits, which you’d realize if you could see what they’re saying about you on Twitter right now. This is excellent for my blog and my brand, and as for you, well, type away. The more you type the clearer you make our relative characters and positions.

  8. You need the business. Go for it.Good for your blog. How stupid. You are a fake writer. Asfar as twitter, I see it all. I keep telling you to leave me alone. You keep responding to ME,,,,,figure it out, you me you me you, i am not paid by the word but we know you are and you also make your living this way………you need the PR

    I don’t. Poor dear


  9. I am a real writer. I’m a member of the union and everything. And you keep coming to my blog, insulting me, and telling me you’re going away.

    So, go.

    If you dare.

  10. I write for comprehension, blogs are not my venue. Listen just tell me how i can never ever see you again. I don’t wish to read any of your words.

    Listen, honey. I’m not stupid. I’m doing this for fun.I have a real job in the publishing field. Yes indeed, isn’t that interesting. soooooooooooo

    Try to be nice. It’s not so hard. How do I change my setting so I don’t have to see your pretty face ever again?


  11. Write for comprehension? I honestly think you shouldn’t be allowed to use the alphabet unsupervised.

    I’m sorry to have to tell you this but yes, actually, you are stupid, as well as petty, narcissistic, controlling and, most importantly, completely out of your depth.

    How do you never see me again? You go away and never come back. As I said a few posts ago. Scroll up; you can at least read for comprehension, surely. Surely once.

  12. As for me, I’m perfectly content to have you pour out as much vitriol (you can look that up in Wikipedia) as your stubby fingers can crank out. As I said earlier (and you apparently failed to, uh, comprehend) flamewars are great for hits.

    It’s you who’s been saying since early in this long, long thread, that you don’t ever want to post here again, etc, etc, and have even asked for my assistance in untangling yourself from this thread, as you are quite obviously incapable of doing on your own. Being the obliging soul that I am, I gave you the accurate answers in all cases, no matter how often I had to repeat myself.

    By the way, a paper route doesn’t count as “a job in publishing.” Sorry to have to tell you.

  13. I’m wondering how long it’ll take her to realize just what I did. Because when she does, she’s going to go apeshit. I’m delighted it’s a weekday. Presumably that terribly important job of hers will demand some of her attention at some point, whereupon she will critically infarct.

  14. You honestly have no idea who I am, do you? Interesting. You do know my name. Trust me. Now I have a BOOK SIGNING TO DO, so I’m afraid I have to leave you, but feel free to come by. I will even give you the book gratis.

    What started out as a joke on my part (albeit you did not find it funny), has gotten way out of hand. That’s unfortunate, since I am older and wiser than you, I should have known better.

    Please accept my apology. ;)


  15. No, I have no idea who you are. But if you “write for comprehension” you obviously neither write nor think well.

    There IS someone with your name at the Paxil Withdrawl Forum, though I’m not sure we’ve ever met.

  16. You do like this. I am not on any forum here. Especially not a paxil withdrawal forum, but I do know about Paxil.It is a very dangerous medication. I write and think very well, thank you. I am also highly educated and in a rush. Just for the record, I do not go apeshit about much. I, unlike you have been finding this quite amusing.You unlike me, have been writing for an audiance. Good luck with your writing. I mean that sincerely.

    PS look up writing for comprehension. it might give you a clue. I do have to go now. sorry


  17. Now, now, your PR or daughter or ward nurse or whatever wrote such a nice little post about how sorry you were and there you go and spoil it.

    It’s spelled “audience.” And I have been writing here because toying with incompetent narcissists is one of my favorite things.

    And again, those who “verb for comprehension” do it because they do NOT comprehend. Which was sort of my point. Normally I wouldn’t fill in the dots like this, but you look like you could use the help.

  18. as you are. you are writing for an audience how sad that you do not have a life. now go screw yourself.

    r u happy, you can’t get people to read your posts which you want and need so badly, so you use me…..go for it babe

    and speaking of narcisists,,,,,,,,,,,go look in the mirror,,,allthough you may puke when you do.

    now how was that? happy?>


  19. Oh, are you still here?

    Please send your copyeditor my condolences. Or, as one of my friends said, enjoy your book signing. Signing one out of the library, that is.

  20. I’m not a doctor, so I am unable to diagnose individuals simply from reading their tortured ramblings.
    But as a layperson I’d have to say LifeTheWayItIs is bit of a nutbar.
    Great swordplay until towards the end when L kept falling on hers.
    Will there be more?

  21. Absolutely without question. And I can hardly wait for the blistering post on her blog about how much she hates WordPress and is moving to that paragon of social media, Tumblr.

    Which is really where she belongs.

  22. Whoever this famous-author-with-a-book-signing-to-go-to is really needs a basic lesson in communication…if you want a conversation to stop, LEAVE.

    (And who puts their email address out in the open like that for any spam-bot to read, over and over and over again? Can anyone be that naive and over 10?)


    Anyway, I’m with Az. Next time I come here, I’ll bring a glass of wine.

  23. Oh, wow. I just stopped in to say I enjoyed the interview. But it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the spectacle going on in this comments section!

  24. As per usual in these parts.

    Um, Lori, she didn’t. I went back and edited every one of her comments to include the email address.

    And then i sent this whole thing to Gawker; she’s apparently not important enough for them to run with it.

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