The Divine Position on Taxation

You know God. He has those mysterious ways. He speaks really, really loudly, sometimes using languages he’s made up and hasn’t even told anyone yet, just for kicks, and sometimes he writes everything down very carefully on tablets designed to last eons and hands them to the clumsiest dude in all of the Middle East.

He’s like that.

But now he’s pissed, and he’s blogging.

BEHOLD, stolen from IAmYourGod who is, of course, on WordPress:

God and Taxation

9 thoughts on “The Divine Position on Taxation

  1. Who would’ve thought – someone who believes they are God is blogging on the internet.

    Great point though. We pay for governance and decisionmmaking, why is it so often hijacked by not-for-profit interest groups?

  2. Not-for-profit AND for-profit. Because let’s face it, elections now are controlled by organizations with organizational agendas, not by the will of the citizenry. The government is supposed to be the collective will of the people, not the collective will of the organizational vested interests, whatever they may be.

  3. Ahh, Chuckbert, I Am not just any God. I Am YOUR God. I Am but a Figment of your imagination and in that imagination, I can do anything you think I can. How does it feel to be a creator?

    raincoaster, The people who first thought up this version of me were control freaks. It was much more fun when I was Pan.

  4. Speaking of taxation . . .
    It’s time for a new war for many reasons, Rain.
    With the liberal mentality controlling the house here in the US, stuff is dying on the vine.
    Enough with the goddamned taxes.
    How much more can these overpaid douchebags reach into our pockets and take our money?
    Christ in a sidecar, they’ll be putting tollbooths up on private streets before too long.
    I have HAD it.
    Do I sound frustrated?
    Arghhhh . . . .

  5. michaelm, you mean the taxation and deficits that are the result of the last 8 years of Republican rule? After all, the most expensive decisions came from the White House.

    Az, there’s God, HolyGod, and TheFuckingPope. They’re all following me. But Satan won’t, that fucking princess.

    IAYG, I agree. God, we’re old, aren’t we?

  6. Yah, the fact that “churches” and other “religious” “entities” don’t “have” to pay “taxes” causes me to just…overquote!
    Your new god is a little bit scary. I liked Pan, too—he was great in Jitterbug Perfume.

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