Join the Party!

Vote Whimsically!

Putting the “Party” into Politics, we present (courtesy of the esteemed Dr. Boli) the League of Surrealist Voters; note that while the votes are real, the voters themselves must be surreal. And that describes everyone around here!

7 thoughts on “Join the Party!

  1. Maybe that’s the way you young people do it but back in my day we voted maniacally, tangentially, portentously or hokey pokey (lee).

    You young people don’t know how to vote.

  2. Oh god no; the hokey pokey has been outlawed in Canada unless you’ve graduated from a licensed training course. And even then, you have to wear a safety harness.

  3. Vote religiously, scripturally, believingly, theologically, born-againly, churchgoingly, prayerfully, clerically, divinely, reverently, doctrinally, devoutly, god-fearingly, and righteously then watch the country go to Hell.

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