Art Cop!

Everyone’s heard of the fashion police (they were even handing out tickets here in Vancouver a couple of years back, but they must have stopped since nobody’s tried to arrest me recently) but what about art cops? And I’m not talking about the Bureaucratocracy that runs the galleries; I’m talking about actual men and women of action, prowling around, making sure that art is paid the respect which is its due, whether that’s busting the kneecaps of some thug who tries to stash his gum underneath the Louise Nevelson or this:

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10 thoughts on “Art Cop!

  1. Careful, now: if you’re not respectful, you KNOW what he’ll do!

    (besides, Americans can’t afford beautiful art anymore; the Japanese, the Aussies, the Russians and the English bought it all)

  2. I especially love the surf and the seagulls in the background.
    The nose grinder at the end only added to the festivities.

  3. That looks like somebody’s Mom painted it.


    And for some reason I read that as Baked Rabbit in the opening credits. Must be hungry…

  4. I think being an Art Cop would be my dream job. Can you imagine what the Art Cop hangout bar would be like? So Modigliani walks into the bar and the bartender says “why the long face?”

  5. Henry Moore walks into a bar, bartender asks if he wants a drink. Moore says “I need a drink like I need a hole in the head.”

    I gotta million of ’em!

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