Quote o’ the Day: Crowns and Carnivores

Governor General Michaelle Jean susses out the buffet

From Tuffy, on the recent Michaelle Jean sealsickle incident:

“That seal heart ain’t eatin’ itself.”

And a close runner-up, from Jenny Quelque Chose at Gawker:

“Eat your heart out, Palin.”

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13 thoughts on “Quote o’ the Day: Crowns and Carnivores

  1. Is that your damned Prime Numerator, Steven Harper standing behind her with the green hat on? I have to admire the lad…He’d eat a seal’s heart – while it was still beating.


    Donald Mills.

  2. He certainly would, if he thought it would bring him votes. But that’s not him; he’s the smirking robot in the sweater vest, just out of shot to the left.

  3. I couldn’t believe how even CNN International ran the CBC report on The Great Seal Heart / Raw Food event. Why can’t she take part in their feast? Is she supposed to insult them, saying gee, this isn’t going to look good to the anti-sealing crowd, maybe I’ll just grab a burger. A huge flap over absolutely nothing.

  4. Bunk, I had an ex who used to say something like that.

    Ian, the media is the great Beast. It has to be fed, even if with pap.

    I’m just surprised nobody tried to say she was “recycling bycatch” or something.

  5. Is it bad that this whole raw-heart-eating event now has me obsessed with trying seal heart. Not that I’m going to go out and get it myself, just that I’d definatly accecpt an offer.

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