Creativity is hard

and, as we’ve mentioned before, underappreciated. Feel his pain: feel the unassuageable pain of the mighty T Rex:

a giant four-storey utahraptor has come out of nowhere and drenched you in sunscreen from his eyes. is this awesome? y/n

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8 thoughts on “Creativity is hard

  1. Yes, qvite

    As Mr Brown – Saviour of the Vestern Economic System – might say

    Der treue Grossheit ist mit einem grossen Preis geKommeneirt geworden sollen durfen sein

    [true grossness cometh avec un grand prix]

  2. Nobody would know better than he would right now.

    Which reminds me to get over to Casa Guido and find out what’s been going on. You turn your back on a country for ONE MINUTE and all Heck breaks loose!

  3. Das Problem is das wir haben unserer Besten Volk exportiert

    – Senor AerChie Plantagenet et her Ladyship Mme Buffée to the Anti-Podes

    – Mesdames RegenCoaster et Lori (et sa Homme Jeune Monsieur Metro a la Nord Frozené

    – Herr Ian nach Hamburg

    – Oor Barak Pere a l’USA

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