Total Eclipse of the Original

I don’t know what it is about this song, but it seems to inspire the greatest living sardonicists to greater achievements in sheer over-the-topitude than have ever been seen this side of Kadath Through The Looking-Glass.

First there was Kiki and Herb‘s heartrending story of transgendered love gone awry and tragic loss.

Now, there is dascottjr‘s Literal Version. Post-Post-Postmodern and deeply Eighties, it takes you behind the scenes, behind the hair gel and makeup, behind the blank expressions of the born-to-sing-not-act star and shows you the true meaning of this, perhaps the most iconic of all music videos.

Dancing Fonzie zombies FTW!

via azahar

Oh yes, there’s a Facebook page, of course.

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12 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of the Original

  1. The 80s totally captured! Imaging sobering up from the 70s only to find this crap! It sure made me long for “the good old days!”

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