Your Rainbow-Coloured, Sixties-Themed Unicorn Chaser

that's how Lucky Charms gets its magical deliciousness

With an intro like that, what can this fabulous, magical Unicorn Chaser possibly be? Well, when looking for a unicorn chaser there are few key elements any savvy consumer should check for:

  • Unicorns. Obv.
  • Rainbows
  • The Funny. Always needs to have The Funny
  • Cute, unthreatening guys
  • music, particularly poppy, vaguely druggy Sixties music
  • velour. Lots and lots of velour. Bell bottoms and pukka shell necklaces if you got ’em. Flower headbands are bonus points, particularly on the guys. What? I’M SERIOUS!

What does this add up to? That’s right: MONKEES!

Consequently, when I ran across the following on YouTube, I knew I had to have it. Not only are the Monkees themselves absolutely made all of the things above except possibly unicorns (I’ve never placed them in a pentagram and spoken the Words of Command, so I just don’t know) but this video is a satire, one of the Literal Video versions in which the subtitles and redubbed vocals (hey, that’s a pretty good Davy, but the chorus can’t carry a tune in a lolrus bukkit) simply narrate what is actually going on in the video. The greatest of these, of course, is the Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” itself a high water mark of musical geniositosnouss. While this much simpler video does not reach those heights, depths, or whatevers, it’s still fun and cute and hey, I still dance better than Davy ever did, so GO ME, right?


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9 thoughts on “Your Rainbow-Coloured, Sixties-Themed Unicorn Chaser

  1. I really enjoyed that. I saw the TV show when it first aired. Yes. I’m that old. I hope doing that paid for Davies’ rent for a while.

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