Minimum Wage Employee of the Year: This Dude

spinning dog

Spin Dawg was one of the best scratchers we'd ever heard

I had no idea this was even a thing, let alone a steady job with a national competition. Ladies and gentlemen, Little Caesars Sign Spinning:

This is what I do on a daily bases trying to earn money for college.

I hope he made enough to go to the college of his choice, and I hope the young lad managed to take some English classes while he was there.

You can see more of these poor, desperate, whirling dervishes at Buzzfeed.

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7 thoughts on “Minimum Wage Employee of the Year: This Dude

  1. Yep. “If you need me, teacher, I’ll be out in the schoolyard spinning like a top”. Hard to find good training schools for that outside of Syria.

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