Quiz: how independent are you?

As IF I need a quiz to tell me this:

Your Independence Level: Very High

You do things your own way. Even if everyone else thinks you’re wrong.

You cherish your freedom, and you resent rules.

No one knows what’s right for you as much as you do.

You can take care of yourself… and you do a mighty fine job of it.

Stolen from az

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23 thoughts on “Quiz: how independent are you?

  1. If you’re so all-fired independant, how come my liquor bill doubles whenever you show up, eh?

    “You can take care of yourself… and you do a mighty fine job of it.”–HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re just lucky the rest of us are here to wipe your chin.

  2. Signora Noggin

    It’s really M Metro’s fault – stocking such high-quality Beer is an invitation to Squirrels & other Gourmet Socialists with the self-appointed mission of ensuring that the Good Things of Life are shared, at least by them

    This does not have to be a problem

    Just think how different Life could be if M Metro stocked only Coors Lite Beer

    I remain Your Signora’s obedient servant etc

    G E

  3. Speaking of beer, I’m over the moon to discover that Magic Hat has bought Pyramid…especially since it means I’ll be able to get the Magic Hat #9 without having to go east.

  4. I’m quite enjoying my wine country vacation. Just got back from Open House at a cidery with more kinds of wine, beer, and coolers than I’ve ever seen in my life (plus a band with gold records and a fantastic view, also with roast whole pig). Now I’m enjoying a cold Dead Frog Nut Brown Ale and catching up on blogs and Twitter. Later, we’ll hit the hot tub.

    Yeah, they’ll NEVER get rid of me at this rate.

  5. @Bunk:
    I agree completely. The proper way to drain a Coors Light is to uncap it and upend the bottle into the toilet. However, your drains may suffer damage if you do this too often.

    @Sehr Adler:
    If I stocked only Coors Light, the proper word for such a life would be “schrecklich!”

    I generally have no problem with “gourmet socialists.” Although the bird feeder is becoming a noticeable drain on the Metrofinances, such as they are.

    I have dealt with the Raincoaster drainage by topping up the gin bottle with paint thinner, and substituting the Dead Frog beer with actual pureéd dead Canadian cane frog. She doesn’t notice, and usually spends the night passively in the armchair tanning in the glow of the monitor, rather than ranging my home looking for food and liquor. It’s a great improvement.

  6. Silly, the Dead Frog IS made from Canadian cane frog. It’s the house beer at the Ivanhoe; what do you expect?

    Also, your paint thinner needs topping up again. It was a long night.

  7. Hi I am from Neocupcake I was wondering if you could help me. I saw you post on a forum when someone was trying to have a custom pic. at the top of her theme. Well where do I go to do that. Can you give me a link to it?

    I have seen it before and have it ready ;)

  8. Senor Bunk

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that the sadly-departed Mr Jackson might well prefer to have such a problem

    BUT this Eagle liveth near a Borough which was formerly the Envy of many less happier Lands like California & Western Australia or Hamburg

    The divers BeerS (eg Bass, Marstons, Ind Coope etc etc) gladdened the Tongue and (after the 2nd Pint) softened the daily anxieties of Life – Eagles are infamously und deplorably light-headed


    Along cometh the Yankees – masquerading as Coors, ill-content with flooding Canada with its “Beer” … UND Bass ist verschwunden [vanished] overnight

    UND die Amerikaner have disposed of those wonderful Giant Shire-Horses and are planning the Closure of the Bass Visitor Centre (errr ….. Center, for our Middle-Colonies visitors)

    … and the Brown Darkness covereth the Land – a Land, where if it works, the lamentable Government of Her Britannic Majesty (God Bless her) over-taxes it and improves it …. until es ist zerbrochen [it breaketh down]

    WHENCE this Eagle’s studies of that Wondrous Hobgoblin beer, distracting the anxious brain off the imminent defeat of Mr Murray (British sportsmen so often flatter, only to disappoint)

    Tot siens

    Yr obedient servant etc

    G E

  9. Senor Strutts

    I s’pose you are next going to claim that you are NOT a Yankee

    … but our Spies reliably tell us that you are a Kalifornian … and the Kalifornians did side with the Union in the late unPleasantness between the Northern States and Scarlett O’Hara of the Sovereign State of Georgia in the Confederacy ….

    AND you (et significantly Monsieur Metro) seem to know a great deal about what you so picturequely characterize as “beer de p[redacted to protect the Ladies & Children who visit her Grace the Marchionesse’s Kindly Space]”

    AND vee ken vhere you blogge

    Yr obedient Servant and
    Heil Braun

    G E
    Head of the AdlerAbwehr

    PS If you are ever in this neighboUrhood,you et M Metro could of course attempt to vindicate your innocence over a bottle (or two) of Hobgoblin & other local Quality-Beers, which are the preferred beverages of the Adler Secret Police

  10. Hobgoblin is indeed lovely, although I’m on a cider kick at the moment and am enjoying that whatchamacallit, Bulmers? Something like that. After the third one, they’re all just called, “Another of the same, please” anyway.

  11. but not if Jesus is manufacturing it

    I seem to have heard somewhere that his Wine came at the end, but was the best


    Don’t tell the Methodists or the Southern Baptists – we don’t want to share it with them

    AND don’t tell the Episcopalians either – how many Vicars are alcoholics after polishing off too much Communion wine !?!?)

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