DJ Winston

Everyone knows that Winston Churchill was one of the greatest Prime Ministers that Britain ever had. Many people also know he was an alcoholic. Some people know he was a wit. And a few know he was a painter of moderate talents.

But who knew he was a rapper?

Behold the wonder which is DJ Winston, as he and his crew get this dinner party started!

via Neatorama

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13 thoughts on “DJ Winston

  1. Love Winston, and that was a hella awesome vid.

    But I still love the little anecdotes best. One day, Churchill found himself arguing with this woman (I think it was about women’s rights). The argument got so intense that the woman exclaimed, “Winston, if I was married to you, I’d put poison in your coffee!”

    Churchill, like the coolest man on the planet he was, retorts, “And if you were my wife, ma’am, I’d drink it.”

  2. Yes, that was about women and the vote. There’s also the one where he met a woman he knew as he was coming out of a club in a “post-prandial haze” and she said, “Winston, you’re drunk!”

    He said, “Bessie, you’re ugly. And tomorrow, I shall be sober.”

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