Mugshot of the Day

I am unsure whether this is some new emo style thing or whether this woman designs connect-the-dots puzzles for a living and just! cant’! stop! working!

In either case, this is unquestionably the best mugshot of the day. This is the kind of picture that Johnny Depp flips through to find, you just know it.

emo mugshot

emo mugshot

Before you click over to DListed and TheSmokingGun to find out what she was arrested for, how about putting your guesses down in the comments section? I say she’s a Latvian mail order bride, arrested for murdering her 18-year-old, mother’s basement-dwelling husband with one of his own collector’s Civil War rifles.

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7 thoughts on “Mugshot of the Day

  1. She looks like the chick who shaved her head in the film Empire Records, seriously i actually think it might even be her

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