Blogathon for Federation of BC Writers

Charles Dickens breaks through writer's block

Did I mention that on Twitter I’ve talked two rival gin houses into shipping me “care packages?” Now if only it worked as well with men! All the ones that volunteer to give me their packages are ones I wouldn’t care to have, so it seems. But that’s neither here nor there; it is, in fact, nowheresville.


This Saturday (because I am insane) from 6am I’ll be participating in Blogathon 2009, a 24-hour, 48 blog post postathon, to raise money for the Federation of BC Writers, BC’s home grown support system for Left Coast literati, of which I used to be the Lower Mainland representative, back when I had (what do you call that…that thing…where you can do stuff…) TIME! Oh yeah, and if I sleep in (likely) I’m gonna hafta do a post every ten minutes or so until, like, noon. That could get a little crazy.

What are you waiting for, now that this fabulous news has broken? Reach deep into your heart and your wallet (or your neighbor’s; God knows, I’m not fussy). Sign up to sponsor me by selecting “” from the list of available blogs. Clicky, clicky! You can sponsor me X amount per post or a lump sum for the entire 24 hour slogathon. For a $50 donation, I’ll make an ego-gratifying post entirely about you, You, YOU, and will even include a link to your Facebook Fan Page (if you insist).

If you want to watch this madness live, you can come on down to Workspace at 21 Water Street in Gastown, where the blogerati of Vangroover will be holed up, typing (or napping) away. Vancouver’s own Mojave band will serenade us with a private concert, and April Smith of AHA Media will be taking video (gee, is 6am too early to get my makeup done?), so you need not feel left out.

A word of warning: I will get my 48 posts up, but I will NOT get them up promptly every goddam half-hour. I AM NOT A BLOODY MACHINE and I am also not cheating by pre-posting and scheduling things, tempting though it may be. I may or may not attend Illuminares and liveblog it; depends if I can catch a ride to and fro; forty minutes on the bus each way is a killer. On the other hand, Miss 604 is judging a bartending contest in the middle of everything, so if she can do that, perhaps I can do this (who wants to be my DD?).

After Blogathon wraps, the procedure is simple: you just tote up your donation and send the cheque straight to the Fed, which will put it to good use on behalf of British Columbia’s home-grown literary talent. And, hopefully, buy me a drink. I’m gonna need one if that gin doesn’t get here on time.

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53 thoughts on “Blogathon for Federation of BC Writers

  1. You’re my biggest sponsor right now, so who’s insane? I’m not posting any pix of myself, but I bet will. April will be filming and taking pictures all the way through. The key is going to be whether or not I can sleep tonight, since 6am is my normal going to bed time instead of start work time.

  2. Hey,
    I’m your Blogathon monitor. Just to clear a few things up before the ‘thon starts, it’s 49 posts, not 48, and while you DO need to post an entry every half hour from 6am to 6am, it’s totally fine if you’re not posting exactly on the half hour.

  3. Monitor? Gee, I feel like I’m back in boarding school. So I DO need to post exactly every half hour? What happens if I don’t? Do I lose points for Gryffindor, or miss Tuck?

  4. I had to come over this morning and wish you luck today, you machine you. And you have a monitor so you ‘re going to have to pretent to behave. LOL!

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  6. Already picked a fight with the Blogathon people, my monitor in particular, AND the very nice woman who’s organized it so I get a free lunch and dinner. Not an auspicious start.

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